Exploring Jawa Barat’s Pioneering Asian Advertisement Startups Making Headlines

January 4, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of the Advertising industry, every year sees numerous startups bringing innovation and unique ideas to the table. As part of our series on Asian startups, we’re focusing on Jawa Barat in this article. Birthed in 2020 or thereafter, the companies included in this feature article hail from this prolific Indonesian province, standing out in their respective domains. Bringing creativity and technological prowess together, they have developed impactful solutions that are reshaping the Advertising industry. 

These startups operate in diverse sub-dominions, ranging from digital marketing to software, and employ varying strategies to help brands and businesses worldwide optimize their customer reach and engagement. Some of them expose small businesses to digital-out-of-home advertising, while others connect brands with influencers for marketing campaigns, live sessions and more. Needless to say, they are accelerating the digital transformation of advertising in previously inconceivable ways. Let’s explore each one in detail.


Located in Bandung, Qoligo has been revolutionizing the advertising sector since its inception. It provides a cloud-based out-of-home advertising platform for non-tech savvy SMEs. It empowers these businesses to boost their brand awareness via shorter-term campaigns, lower starting budgets, and an easy ad-launch process. Connect with them on Facebook.

DCT Agency

DCT Agency, based in Tangerang, serves as a conduit for companies and brands to connect with influencers for marketing campaigns and live commerce sessions, especially on TikTok. They offer an integrated approach to digital advertising, helping businesses evolve with the changing market dynamics.

Perupa Media

Based in Semarang, Perupa Media operates in the advertising sector, with particular emphasis on digital marketing. Striving to utilize the power of the internet and social media for promotional purposes, Perupa Media underscores the significance of the digital realm in advertising. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Cipta Konten

Cipta Konten, headquartered in Bekasi, is a full-service creative and digital agency striving to augment business growth. Led by founder Wahyu Nur Pratama, the company delves deep into the vast realms of digital marketing, social media, and web development. Like their Facebook page here.

Zyantama Megantara

Zyantama Megantara, based in Tangerang, operates in numerous fields within the advertising industry. They offer services ranging from graphic design, web development, and social media management, to SEM and SEO. Through their diverse offerings, they cater to varying business needs and help brands effectively engage with their target audience.

Glumory Global Group

The Bandung-based Glumory Global Group operates over a wide spectrum that includes advertising, e-commerce, financial services, and retail among others. By amalgamating various facets of the digital world, they offer comprehensive solutions to propel business growth in today’s competitive world.

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