Exploring Jakarta Raya’s Emerging Advertising Startups Revolutionizing Asian Market

January 3, 2024

Based in the heart of Jakarta Raya, a hub for technology and innovation, resides a vibrant community of startups. These startups, though young with an inception of 2020 or later, are making significant strides within the Advertising industry. This article will showcase some of these startups in the bustling city of Jakarta Raya, exploring their unique offerings and contributions to the Advertising industry. From IT and telecommunications to digital marketing and developer tools, let’s take a closer look at these businesses that are changing the landscape of advertising in Jakarta Raya.

Influence ID

Influence ID operates in Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia, merging Advertising, Information Technology, and Telecommunications. The details of the founding members were not provided. More about this company can be found via their LinkedIn page.


Dedicated to Advertising, Developer Tools, Marketing Automation, and Social Media Marketing, JualFollowers.store operates out of Dki Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia, with no listed founders or social media presence.

Griity Agency

Brief information about the founders of Griity Agency, operating within Advertising, Consulting, Digital Marketing, SEO, and Social Media Advertising sectors in Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia, is unavailable. Nevertheless, the company can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Lightbridge.id, the brainchild of Marco Moniaga and Sandy Harta, offers services in Advertising. They provide various solutions including indoor and outdoor displays, digital displays, product advertising, and brand marketing. They also specialize in led display, digital billboard, and static billboard services. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn to learn more.


Founded by Douglas Tjokrosetio and Gracella Maureen, Giva is making an impact in the Advertising, Charity, and Video Advertising sectors. Giva operates on a charity model and lets users donate completely for free by watching short ads. Users can choose from various charitable causes to support, including education and health to animal welfare and the environment. The company, based in Jakarta, can be contacted via their LinkedIn page.


Endorsaja, operating in the Advertising, Business Development, and Digital Marketing industry from Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, profiles of the founding members are not available. However, they can be reached via their LinkedIn page.


Labkom99, in the business of Advertising, Consulting, E-Commerce, IT, Internet, and Software, is based in Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia. With no provided details about the founders, Labkom99 promises its clients extraordinary experiences in building appropriate technology. You can follow Labkom99 via their Twitter and Facebook handles.


Operating in the Advertising, Developer Tools, and Social Media Marketing realms, GoFollow brings innovation to Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia. The details about the founders were not available at the time of writing. For more on GoFollow, connect with them on their Twitter and LinkedIn page.


Founded by Henk Gervacio, KOLHire is a crowd-KOL marketing platform aimed at supporting influencers and businesses/brands. With its HQ in Jakarta, Indonesia, they are creating an integrated KOL collaboration platform infrastructure. Follow KOLHire on Facebook and LinkedIn for more information.

I distanced myself from the other consultants and used a teach-to-fish approach. In most situations, I could have fixed things on my own, but instead, I involved the client. This way, they can fix similar problems in the future without my help

These startups indeed reflect the forward-thinking and innovative interest embedded in Jakarta Raya’s DNA. Each company brings a certain unique touch to the vibrant Advertising industry, contributing significantly to the city’s technology and innovation landscape. Though these companies are indeed young, their work so far indicates a promising future. The future of Advertising in Jakarta Raya looks bright with these innovators at the helm, and we look forward to seeing their continued growth and success.

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