Exploring Dubai-Based Asian Startups Revolutionizing the Retail Industry

January 30, 2024

Welcome to our latest feature on startups operating from Asia, showcasing dynamic companies that have launched in 2020 and beyond. A key player on the global stage, Asia is home to a network of impressive startups particularly broadening their reach in the Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This article spotlights these innovative disruptors, their stories, industries, and the people behind them.

Encompassing a limitless range of sectors – from Fintech to Fashion, Logistics to Gaming – these organizations are already carving out their niches and are ones to watch. While each is unique, they are bound by a shared interest in technological development and a drive to revolutionize their respective sectors.

We invite you to delve into the world of these startups, explore their websites, get to know their teams, and discover the exciting, tech-forward solutions they are developing. So, without further ado, let’s journey through this diverse landscape of Asian startups.


A venture in the Fintech and Payments arena, Alaan is a business operating free of borders. Founders Karun Kurien and Parthi Duraisamy heads this startup geared towards providing SMEs with a digital platform for managing expenses through corporate cards and automated invoicing. Connect with them through their LinkedIn profile.


With the belief that securing a mortgage should be a celebratory event, Jad Antoun and Khalid Ashmawy’s startup Huspy is streamlining the home financing process. This Proptech venture is shifting the paradigm for home buyers, offering an easy-to-use, customer-focused experience. Huspy’s LinkedIn profile is here.

The Giving Movement

A player in the E-Commerce and Fashion industry, The Giving Movement offers direct-to-consumer sustainable fashion with same-day delivery for its users across the UAE and the gulf cooperation council. Their philanthropic orientation is underpinned by a commitment to sustainability. Connect with them via Facebook and LinkedIn.


A Venture Capital, Incubators, and Hedge Fund startup, BC29, under the leadership of Fahad Hafiz, offers a comprehensive suite of services like investment management, tax planning, philanthropic investing, and estate services. The company focuses on supporting family needs. Connect with BC29 through their LinkedIn profile.


In the domain of developer platforms and media and entertainment, HyperSpace, founded by Desi Gonzalez, is building unique experiential attractions. The company focuses on creating, operating, and funding these attractions that deliver unforgettable experiences. Its LinkedIn profile can be found here.


In the Real Estate sector, Houza founded by Abdullah Alajaji, Barry Judge, Carl Allsopp, and Husni Al Bayari is the UAE’s go-to locale for buying, selling, and renting property. Housing an extensive selection of properties, it offers a unique portal exclusively for the top agencies in the UAE. Stay connected through its Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


A promising startup in the Financial Services and Fintech sector, Raseed, founded by Abdel Sallam Qatshan, is committed to breaking down barriers in creating wealth, making investing easy, simple, and affordable for users in the region. They connect on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Focusing on Air Transportation and Customer Service industry, Nourish, launched by Thomas Eliopoulos II, is a global booking platform for personalized in-flight meals. Nourish is dedicated to enhancing your travel experience through bespoke in-flight meals. Connect with their journey on LinkedIn.

Funding Souq

Addressing a significant SME funding gap in the MENA region, Funding Souq, established by Martin Jaouni, serves as a digital lending platform that connects borrowers and lenders. Their services adhere to the principles of Islamic Finance. Engagement takes place through their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


As an E-Commerce and Fintech startup, GLT founded by Feras Alzamil, leverages technology to provide an omnichannel solution for merchants, through an integrated logistics and fintech platform. Stay updated through their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Founded on Algorand blockchain, Zone stands at the intersection of Blockchain and Gamification. The GameFi ecosystem they have built is community-driven and cross-compatible with other blockchains, enabling on-chain gaming challenges and fantasy sports. Get the latest updates on their gaming developments from their official Twitter account.

In conclusion, these startups demonstrate Dubai’s dynamic and resilient entrepreneurial spirit. Their unique concepts, coupled with a robust execution strategy, make them exciting companies to watch.

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