Exploring Beijing-Based Tech Startups Revolutionizing the Asian Industry Landscape

January 30, 2024

Asia has long been a hub of vibrant startup culture, and the trend continues to intensify. China, in particular, is home to some of the most exciting, innovative startups that have been making waves in various industries. In this article, we will focus on some groundbreaking startups based in Beijing, China. These companies, all established in or after 2020, are utilizing cutting-edge technology, innovative approaches, and unique business models to disrupt the market.

From biotechnology to fashion, from electronics to autonomous vehicles, these startups showcase the diversity and dynamism of Beijing’s business scene. Despite facing unprecedented challenges amidst the global pandemic, these startups have demonstrated commendable resilience, injecting vitality into various industries and making significant contributions to their respective fields.

Let’s take an in-depth look at each of these startups, understand their businesses and explore why they are among the best emerging businesses in the Chinese capital.


Singlomics is a biotechnology company that uses single-cell sequencing technology to develop antibody drugs for the treatment of infectious diseases and cancers. Founded by Xiaoliang Sunney Xie and Yunlong Cao, Singlomics is seeking to make significant advances in the healthcare and medical industry.


Though we have limited details about Doublefs, we know it operates in the E-Commerce and Fashion industries. Based in Beijing, this startup is forging a niche in the increasingly digital world of fashion.


Entering the electronics and industrial sectors, Hyseim is a notable software company. They provide products that leverage a self-developed RISC-V chip agile development platform, aiming to meet the demands of emerging market applications such as smart cars and AIoT.


DeepWay is a pioneer in Beijing’s burgeoning autonomous vehicles industry. They are making strides in developing intelligent electric commercial vehicles, ensuring the city’s green and technologically advanced future.


Isabers is swiftly gaining recognition in the semiconductor industry. They provide advanced semiconductor integration technology and products which can effectively solve the problems of low yield, high cost, and limited performance of advanced semiconductor materials or devices. Though we don’t have their website details, their impact in their industry is undeniable.

Insight Technology

Insight Technology, an incubation from China’s largest credit management group “China Chengxin,” is making significant strides in the fields of Blockchain, Cyber Security, and Software. Aimed at breaking data islands and aiding customers in areas like government affairs, finance, medical care, and group companies to realize data security, compliance integration and intelligent applications.

SanReno Therapeutics

SanReno Therapeutics was formed to develop, manufacture and commercialize kidney disease therapies in the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and Singapore. Founded on a joint venture of Chinook Therapeutics, Frazier Healthcare Partners, and Pivotal bioVenture Partners China, San Reno is making a mark in the field of Biotechnology and Therapeutics.


Oatoat, founded by Shuyuan Wang, is a promising startup in the consumer goods and food and beverage industry. While information about the company’s specific offerings remains limited, they are already beginning to show promise and potential.

Xianlong Technology

Xianlong Technology is an IT company that integrates software, hardware research and development, sales, and service. They provide 3D measurement and inspection products, as well as machine vision and artificial intelligence in fields of consumer electronics, auto parts processing, and semiconductor production, and smart manufacturing solutions.

Weiju Intelligent Control

Weiju Intelligent Control, founded by Zhengjun Lv, is a key player in various industries like Industrial Engineering, Internet of Things, Machinery Manufacturing, Manufacturing, and RFID. The company aims to promote RFID usage and they cover the entire chain of RFID tag production, providing manufacturing enterprises with tools to cut costs and boost efficiency.

Shuangqi Beverage Technology

Shuangqi Beverage Technology makes its mark in the food and beverage industry by starting from the new beverage “Coffee with Steam” of bubble + juice + coffee, and builds a product matrix around ready-to-drink beverages. The company also plans to expand various categories such as bubble lactic acid bacteria.

In conclusion, these startups are testaments to Beijing’s vibrant entrepreneurial culture and innovation-driven business environment. Despite being relatively new in the business landscape, they are shaping the future of their industries and contributing to Beijing’s reputation as a hotspot for startups.

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