Emerging UAE Startups Revolutionizing the Asian Analytics Industry

January 3, 2024

The startup scene in Asia is vibrant and dynamic, we continue to see a boom of companies coming up with innovative solutions using data analytics. The current ecosystem allows these startups to harness new-age technologies and apply their fresh and casbacked ideas to business operations. We will be focusing on startups headquartered in the United Arab Emirates. These companies entered the market from 2020 and have provided significant contributions to their respective industries. Introducing machine learning and artificial intelligence concepts into their operations they have pushed operational efficiency to the next level. Let’s have a look at these analytics startups reshaping the industry.

The United Arab Emirates, hosting some of the most diverse and cosmopolitan cities in Asia, like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, have become the home for these brilliant startups. The country’s climate for startups is favourable, thanks to its strategic location, access to investment, and advanced infrastructure. The startups we have chosen incorporate data analytics in their operations, offering innovative products and services to their clients.

The commonality between all these startups is their involvement in the analytics world. From predictive financial modeling to enhanced HR solutions, these startups have recognized the value that insights from data analytics can add to decision making. Now, let’s delve into each of these interesting startups.

WhiteBox HR

WhiteBox HR is based in Abu Dhabi and operates in the Artificial Intelligence, Human Resources, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics sectors. Founded by Dena Almansoori, their unique approach simplifies complex hiring decisions through predictive insight. They provide these insights through Machine Learning, Organization Network Analysis, and People Science. They believe in the importance of customizing algorithms at a role level since every talent has a unique set of skills and experiences.


Based in Dubai, Hyke is a state-of-the-art technology platform that uses AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics in Supply Chain Management. Hyke is instrumental in connecting suppliers with retailers, expanding their client portfolio, and streamlining their processes.

Savvy Data Cloud Consulting

Operating from Dubai, Savvy Data Cloud Consulting is a Salesforce Consulting Partner that capitalizes on cloud computing for better productivity and data management. This startup, founded by Divyesh Ardeshana, uses data services to enhance business decisions and fosters meaningful innovation with a variety of data services.


DigiFlynt is a Dubai-based startup that serves as a platform for Advice, Analytics, and Business Development tools. Despite the lack of a detailed description, their online presence suggests they provide a wide range of services for businesses looking to scale up.


Founded by Vladan Pantelic, Hoick is a Dubai-based analytics startup that specializes in capturing and analysing customer, market, products, brand, and employee insights in one place. Hoick encourages businesses to listen to customer and employee feedback and use that information to improve user experiences.

Penny Software

Founded by Iyad Aldalooj and Majid Aldalooj, Penny Software simplifies spending through their cloud-based Procure-To-Pay system. The startup, based in Abu Dhabi, utilizes Predictive Analytics, Procurement, and Software, assisting organizations in digitizing and managing their full procurement process, right from request to approval.


Finllect, developed by Maimoona Mohammed, empowers next-generation consumers to build credit and automate their finances. Based in Dubai, Finllect provides financial services leveraging predictive analytics. It is an application that enables customers to prequalify for financial services by building responsible credit using recurring micro-payments.


Operating from Dubai, Bluerizon is a software and online data-science platform that equips businesses with actionable insights to make informed decisions quickly and effectively. They also provide a wide array of online courses, AI-driven price predictions, analysis, and normalised data, among other services.


Founded by Jazel Oommen, Bankr is a decision-making tool for lenders. Offering services such as document extraction, data analysis, and enhanced fraud detection, it automates credit risk decisions, making it easier for banks and lending institutions to make informed credit decisions.


Talysis is a startup co-founded by Abubakr Sajith, Christian Manabat, Eiman Ansari, and Suman Zehra. Talysis provides solutions for the education sector, combining analytics with continuous research. This startup uses technology to constantly innovate, providing superior solutions for educators and educational providers.


NLPify, founded by Moufid Ayoubi in Dubai, stands out as MENAT’s first alternative datasets made by big data engineers and NLP scientists for the buy-side, sell-side, and institutions. This startup is leveraging Natural Language Processing, Big Data, Machine Learning and AI, providing institutional investors risk management measures and alpha generation capabilities.

In this technologically driven world, innovation sits at the heart of these startups. These companies are reshaping business operations by capitalizing on data analytics and related technology. Their impact on their respective industries cannot be understated and we can expect to see even more exciting developments from them in the future.

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