Emerging Tel Aviv-Based Asian App Startups Making Global Waves

January 30, 2024

Welcome to another edition of our Asian Startups series, where we highlight the most innovative and promising startups throughout Asia. Today, we’re exploring Tel Aviv, a city renowned as a hotspot for technological innovation and home to some of the most impressive startups created in 2020 and beyond. We focus on those pushing the boundaries of the mobile app industry, providing solutions for everything from happiness and wellbeing to more practical sectors like education and content creation.

These businesses represent the global nature of the startups community, and their innovative ideas offer a glimpse into the future of mobile apps. They make our lives easier and simpler, or sometimes just a bit happier.

Join us as we dive into the world of these dynamic startups in the heart of Tel Aviv.


Focusing on the mobile apps and software industry, Boards has made a name for itself through its sales content sharing platform. Founded by Ori Magen and Tal Adler, the app pushes relevant sales content directly to sales representatives’ phone keyboards. This innovation ensures brand consistency and sales efficiency across all messaging channels. You can interact with them on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Happy Things

Motivating people to incorporate daily happiness and well-being activities has been made easy by Happy Things, an app that advocates for scientifically proven practices for increasing happiness. This app represents a blend of tech and wellness. Connect with them on their
Facebook and LinkedIn handles.


Positioning itself in the content and document preparation industry, Piggy develops mobile applications designed to enhance productivity and ease-of-use for users.


Taptapes, an engaging audio platform merging audiobooks, content creation, messaging, and social interactions, caters to both content creators and listeners. This startup uses AI to curate thousands of podcast highlights for the audience. Find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Specializing in Android-based applications and artificial intelligence, Picockapp advances innovations and solutions for Android users. Stay updated with them via their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Dinf is an e-learning application, making it easy for users to quickly understand basic concepts across multiple fields. More about Dinf on their LinkedIn page.


Bobe operates in sectors like Assisted Living, Elder Care, Health Care, and Mobile Apps. Founded by Omri Chen, Bobe uses technology to enhance the quality of care for senior citizens. Get acquainted with them via Facebook and LinkedIn.


Advia breaks the norm in the consulting industry, providing expert advice through their mobile app. Information ranges from relationship advice to work issues, and even spiritual guidance, as made possible through their team of certified professionals.

Repeat Ltd

Avi Azulai founded Repeat Ltd with the aim of nurturing Gen Z sports enthusiasts. Repeat Ltd encourages correct sports training, less mobile phone use, and increased community participation among kids. Their brand’s impact consolidates sports training standards in Israel and plans to expand to Russia, the Balkans, and India.


With a dedication to making it simpler to discover Web3 content, Sepana serves with user-friendly search technologies. Sepana was developed by its eminent founders, Daniel and David Keyes. Connect with Sepana on their LinkedIn page.


Proving special care for pets using Artificial Intelligence is at Koala’s core. Founded in 2021, their mobile app specializes in pet care, highlighting the integration of AI innovativeness into our daily lives. Find out more on their LinkedIn page.

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