Emerging Singaporean FinTech Startups Revolutionising Asian Financial Services

January 30, 2024

The Asian startup ecosystem has been going places, and the financial services sector has been no exception. New startups are harnessing the power of technology to offer unique solutions and disrupt traditional finance models. In this article, we spotlight some promising FinTech startups from Central Region, Singapore that started in 2020 and beyond. These firms are transforming the financial services industry with their groundbreaking solutions, ranging from Blockchain to InsurTech, and everything in between.

Singapore, renowned for its robust economy and tech-savvy population, serves as an ideal launchpad for these startups. With the government’s progressive policies and the growing interest in digital finance, these companies are leveraging the potential to reshape the finance sphere. They are not just improving the sector’s efficiency but also addressing the financial needs of underserved groups, thus contributing to financial inclusion.

So, without further ado, let’s delve into the compelling world of these startups, their founders, the problems they are solving, and the contribution they’re making to the finance industry.


Founded by Mohak Agarwal, ClayStack is a pioneering blockchain-agnostic staking protocol. It empowers users to unlock the power of staked digital assets in the form of liquid staking derivative tokens, thus redefining the blockchain and financial services domain.
Follow them on Twitter @ClayStack_HQ and LinkedIn for more updates.

LivWell Asia Pte Ltd

LivWell, co-created by Nikhil Verma and Vikas Dhar, is a blockchain-based membership programme that rewards members for simply walking and burning calories. Their vast wellness ecosystem provides unlimited access to various benefits, merged with micro-insurance policies. Follow them on LinkedIn to learn more.

NAOS Finance

Started by Kevin Tseng, NAOS Finance is an operator of a decentralized finance platform. This unique platform allows Defi lenders and SME borrowers to interact in a permission-less manner on the blockchain, reinventing traditional finance systems. Stay updated on their progress on Twitter @naos_finance.

Cega Finance

Cega Finance is a player in the Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Financial Services realm. They are known as the exotic derivatives protocol. Keep a tab on their developments on Twitter @cega_fi.


JiPay has emerged as a handy app that enables people to manage their home spending. Their prepaid Mastercard helps employers and domestic helpers manage household expenses more transparently. Stay connected with JiPay on Facebook and LinkedIn.

IN Financial Technologies

IN Financial Technologies revolutionizes the banking processes of micro and small businesses in Asia. From an online business account to a business cash line, they provide a complete digital transformation solution. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn for more insights.


Founded by Sherman Tanuwidjaja, Gajiku is on a mission to financially empower the masses with its technology platform. Stay updated about their journey on LinkedIn.


Opulous, started by Miles Carroll, is a one-of-a-kind platform that connects artists and investors using blockchain and smart contract technology. Features like monthly royalty revenue make it a potentially game-changing platform in the music industry. Keep pace with their journey on LinkedIn.


Accredited Fintech startup GetPaid is making a significant impact on financial inclusion for employees. Stay connected with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


HashMix utilizes multi-signature, smart contract, and cross-chain technology to generate and submit proofs of specific hash power to the blockchain. Their innovative way of handling hash power ownership and yields pushes boundaries in the FinTech sector. Follow them on Twitter @HashMixOfficial.


Azentio, co-founded by Tony Kinnear and Vivek Sethia, offers vertical-specific software products that are essential for banking, financial, and insurance services. Keep an eye on their products via their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn channels.

The innovate ideas and solutions of these startups will continue to shape the financial industry in Singapore and abroad. Keeping an eye on their growth and development proves to be an exciting prospect.

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