Emerging Pakistani AgTech Startups Revolutionising Asia’s Agricultural Landscape

January 3, 2024

Asia, the largest continent on the planet, contrasts landscapes of deep tradition with visions of technological progress. Among these, Pakistan stands tall as a specific player advancing technology to improve agriculture. Often considered traditionalist, Pakistan too experiences the global influence of technology. This article will elucidate readers about the agtech startups established in 2020 or later, aiming to revolutionize the agriculture sector with the breath of technology.

Farming and agriculture – critical pillars to a country’s economy, like Pakistan with vast agro-based resources. However, traditional farming techniques sometimes limit maximization of these resources. For this significant reason, adopting modern technology to enhance agriculture and cross-borders trading is critical. Fortunately, several Pakistani startups hold this torch, striving to revolutionize farming through technology.

This article intends to introduce some of the promising startups evolving Pakistan’s agtech industry. We direct your attention to these companies as they diligently work towards maximizing agriculture resource productivity by introducing revolutionary technologies and services.


Founded by Ibrahim Qadir, Khaalis‘s sole mission is to deliver dairy products right at the doorsteps of their customers. With the headquarters situated in Islamabad, they aim to revolutionize the AgTech industry with a mere application. Follow them on their journey on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Co-founded by Ibrahim Bokhari, Muhammed Bukhari, and Muzaffar Manghi, Farmdar developed an application to classify crops and track harvest progress. Headquartered in Karachi, they provide farmers with valuable reports regarding fertilizer, plant stress, water stress, and yield estimation. Connect with them through both LinkedIn and Facebook.

Agriculture Republic

Located in Pakpattan, Agriculture Republic founded by Aamer Hayat Bhandara and Fouad Riaz Bajwa, leverages innovative digital platforms to enhance agricultural yield. Follow their journey on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Based in Karachi, Crop2X is a tech-agricultural startup that navigates the AgTech industry with Information Technology approaches. Check out their activity on Facebook and LinkedIn.


24seven.pk, formed by Jarrar Shah, Kashif Mukhtar, Maha Khalid, and Muaz Zafar, aims to empower communities with trusted resellers through digitization and branding based in Lahore. You can get updates about their journey on LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Abdur Rehman and Mutaal Butt, AgriGear is a B2P marketplace for agriculture equipment, connecting buyers and sellers worldwide from their base in Lahore. Check their progress on Facebook.

AgriDunya Technologies

Located in Karachi, AgriDunya Technologies, founded by Ameet Tarbani, Faiq Hasnain, and Rahul Dembani, uses their B2B marketplace to present challenges and solutions regarding fertilizers, pesticides, and seeds to farmers and vendors. They can be found on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Jiye Technologies

Founded by Ahmed Bilal Afzal and based in Lahore, Jiye Technologies is a B2B Agri marketplace that connects farmers to retail markets. See their progress on LinkedIn.

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