Emerging Mumbai-Based HR Startups Revolutionizing Asia’s Workforce Landscape

January 30, 2024

Mumbai, the commercial capital of India, has been a hotbed for new ventures and startups in recent years. The city provides a perfect ecosystem for entrepreneurial minds to help their businesses flourish. The Human Resources Industry, in particular, is witnessing a surge in innovation as more startups emerge to revolutionize recruitment, employee engagement, onboarding, and more. Here, we shine a spotlight on some impressive HR startups, founded in 2020 or later, that are making remarkable strides within their respective sectors.

Besides, these startups have deployed modern technological avenues such as AI and software development to streamline their processes and provide top-notch services. From enhancing learning experiences in organizations to providing in-depth legal advice to businesses, these startups offer a diverse range of solutions that address a multitude of pressing issues in the Human Resources Industry. Let’s take an in-depth look into these Mumbai-based HR startups.

The ability of these startups to adapt, innovate, and deliver exceptional services, especially during a time of unprecedented challenges, is commendable. They have shown resilience and inventiveness by providing efficient and reliable HR solutions to their clients. Let’s delve into their unique offerings.


Founded by Ketaki Ogale, Omkar Pandharkame, and Vihang Mirkhelkar, BHyve is an HR software specially designed for remote work. The platform promotes employee inclusivity by providing access to Tacit Knowledge, enabling organizations to make remote work more effective and inclusive. Connect with the team through their profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, and @BHyvelearn.


Founded by Shivam Tiwari, Apli is a versatile platform that offers students and young professionals virtual job experiences. Its comprehensive services range from career guidance to corporate recruitment. Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and @Apliclub.


Incluzon, founded with the belief that AI can transform entry-level workforce recruitment, offers forward-thinking recruitment solutions. Stay updated by following them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and @incluzon.

Smart Business Box

Smart Business Box, founded by Waqar Azmi, provides a vast collection of business and legal documents to aid businesses in their growth. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Lathesh Balakrishna, Dufther aims to cultivate an ecosystem promoting industry-oriented skillsets. They’re available on Facebook and @dufther.

Rozgarhai – No.1 Job Platform in India

Rozgarhai is India’s largest employment opportunity platform, connecting candidates with job opportunities directly. Follow them on Facebook and @RozgarHai.


AnnounceBot uses a social interface for welcoming new team members and sending wishes on special occasions, thus ensuring efficient onboarding and steady team connection. Visit their website here.


Babblebots, a recruitment and talent acquisition platform that uses voice technology and proprietary AI algorithms to optimize HR processes. Check out their LinkedIn page for updates.


LEXTEMP LLP offers a wide range of outsourced legal ancillary support services to legal and compliance teams. They aim to provide the most tailored solutions in managed legal services and compliance. Stay updated through their LinkedIn page.

These startups, through their innovative and client-focused solutions, are paving the way for the future of the Human Resources Industry in India. They are testament to the potential of Mumbai’s rich start-up ecosystem and the creative acumen of their founders.

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