Emerging Delhi-Based Consulting Startups Revolutionizing Asia’s Business Landscape

January 30, 2024

The onset of 2020 saw the birth of numerous remarkable startups that have demonstrated a unique approach to their industry. These new entrants, all operating within the consulting industry and headquartered in Delhi, India, cater to various fields including import solutions, real estate, logistics compliance, business development and many more. This article aims to showcase the startups that were born in 2020 or later, revealing the resilience and innovation that persisted amidst the pandemic.

With an unwavering focus on adapting to the changes in the world, these startups have not only weathered the pandemic, but have managed to flourish. They are rapidly emerging as frontrunners, showing expertise and a firm pulse on market needs. Let’s unravel the contributions and offerings of these promising firms.

In an attempt to provide an in-depth look at these startups, this article highlights the founders, brief descriptions, and digital channels of these companies. Buckle up as we journey through the heart of Delhi’s entrepreneurial ecosystem:


Founded by Harsha Vardhan K, Kunal Jain, and Manav Garg, Nexprt specializes in offering tailor-made import solutions. They ensure a smooth and efficient end-to-end process, making them an essential partner in the Supply Chain industry. Connect with them on LinkedIn or give them a like on Facebook.


Co-founded by Imran Shaikh, Rahul Bansal, and Uday Vansh Malik, Propacity offers a suite of digital solutions to enhance the visibility, efficiency, and scalability of real estate businesses. The firm aims to make the real estate industry more transparent and reliable through the aid of technology. You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


The team at iKargos.com offer comprehensive solutions for importers and exporters dealing with international logistics and trade compliance. They aim to make complex laws and regulations accessible to all, provide a one-stop portal for all things related to international logistics, and increase transparency in their field. You can reach out to them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


A startup that focuses on business development and consulting is Wepreneurs. Recognizing the need for strategic business development, the team created a platform to mentor and assist upcoming entrepreneurs. Connect with them via their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

Gnothi Seauton

As a communications consulting firm, Gnothi Seauton helps create business value by connecting and engaging audiences. Their base is in New Delhi, India, but their reach is worldwide. You can connect and engage with them on LinkedIn.

Olympus Research Global

Olympus Research Global is a leading B2B research and advisory firm that offers wide-ranging services in accounting, business intelligence, IT management, and market research. Contact them through their LinkedIn profile.


In the finance consulting industry, Finofii stands tall. Offering a plethora of services ranging from financial advisories to personalized financial solutions, this fintech startup is setting the pace. You can learn more about them via their Twitter handle and LinkedIn profile.

Encore Mindseek

At Encore Mindseek, a brainchild of Alok Mathur, Arindam Nath, and Indrajit Gupta, executive leadership recruitment and coaching are redefined. Leveraging their expertise in HR systems and policies, they’re revolutionizing performance management. You can reach out to them via their LinkedIn profile.


The team at CertAchiever leverages technology to offer IT services, training, and consulting services in various domains including cloud computing, big data, cybersecurity, and more. Reach out to them through their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

SaaS Growth Advisory

Shikhar B. is at the helm of SaaS Growth Advisory, a consulting startup specializing in advertising, marketing, and SaaS. Stay in touch with them through their Twitter handle and LinkedIn profile.

Fran Business Services

Started by Dinesh Anand and Lokesh Khanna, Fran Business Services offers revolutionary, startup-friendly solutions within the business development and franchise industry. Stay updated about their news and offerings through their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

Mapped out strategically within different verticals of the consulting industry, these startups are brimming with potential and promise. As they carve a niche for themselves, the entrepreneurial landscape of Delhi continues to bloom, bringing downtown Delhi to the global center stage of startups. These startups aren’t just businesses; they are the spirit of a new, resilient India.

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