Emerging Asian Analytics Startups Making Waves from Hong Kong Island

January 3, 2024

Staying ahead in current markets can be quite challenging amidst the fast-paced technological makeover. Nevertheless, a batch of promising startups emerging out of Hong Kong Island are adopting analytics and related fields to create impressive strides in their respective industries. Established in 2020 or later, these startups are not just boosting the territory’s economic landscape but are also redefining the way we look at data, thus forming a more streamlined, organized, and efficient future.

Leveraging on the digital transformation, these startups are showing how data can be effectively used to support better decision-making, thereby allowing companies to improve productivity and profitability. From unveiling analytics software solutions, financial analytics tools to AI-powered apps, mood analyzing voice interfaces, and digital asset insight platforms, they are game-changers in their ways.

Let’s look at some of these exceptional startups that continue to set trends within the analytics industry in Hong Kong.

Seleya Technologies

Specializing in Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Consulting, and Information Technology, Seleya Technologies is one such startup that started its journey from Hong Kong Island.

Connect with Seleya Technologies on LinkedIn.


QuantPipeline is an Analytics, Financial Services, Software startup, helping businesses streamline their operations.

Follow QuantPipeline on @quantpipeline and LinkedIn.


Weavit aims to enrich enterprise and individual data with the use of AI-driven relational analytics. Follow them on @WeavitApp, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


CaptainBI aids in business analysis and growth opportunities. You can follow them on @Captainbitools, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


SPEEQO’s voice-based machine learning software that analyses emotional content of speech. Connect on @speeqocom, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Augment Wealth Advisors

Augment Wealth Advisors specializes in wealth tech and investment smart tools. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


CINNOX is a SaaS platform that elevates customer and staff experiences with omnichannel engagement and analytics solutions. Connect with them on @cinnoxhq, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Nefertiti uses Analytics, Art, Cryptocurrency, Finance, and Video Games to create unique solutions. Connect with them on @artcentralio and LinkedIn.

EmergentX Digital Asset

EmergentX Digital Asset is striving to be Asia’s most authoritative digital asset insight and advisory platform. Connect with them on @emergentxio and LinkedIn.

These startups are showing that they are not just thriving in their respective markets, but are also setting industry standards by continuously introducing innovative ways to accommodate evolving customer and business needs. They are bringing innovation to life, fuelling technological advancement, and ultimately changing the world through their breakthrough technological solutions.

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