Emerging Analytics Startups Transforming the Business Landscape in Bengaluru, Asia

January 3, 2024

Analytics and data science have become the backbone of technological advancement and process optimization, and the city of Bengaluru is no exception to this trend. Being the hub of Indian startups and innovation, Bengaluru has given birth to several analytics startups, especially after 2020. These ventures have the potential to bring about a significant change in the analytics industry with their unique, ingenious, and cutting-edge solutions. Let’s delve into these promising startups that hold a promising future.

These companies, functioning in various different fields such as blockchain analytics, cloud computing, big data, and various others, are working tirelessly in their unique ways to contribute to the analytics world. Formulating various platforms offering diverse services from contract-building, customizable user interface, big data analysis, financial data modeling, video data extraction, and more, these startups have created a niche for themselves in the industry.

While some of these firms are making headway in the field of health care and predictive analysis, others are thriving in the domain of software, information technology, AI, and machine learning. Every startup, with its distinct approach, is contributing its part in making the world a more data-driven and analytically sound place. In this article, we highlight some new-age Analytics startups based in Bengaluru, born in, or after, the year 2020.

DeFi Wizard

Co-founded by Anand Kamath, DeFi Wizard specializes in analytics, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Internet services. The firm has introduced a uniquely intuitive dashboard that streamlines the construction of defi (decentralized finance) smart contracts, allowing users to generate smart contracts for various platforms such as ERC20/BEP20/EDST and more with considerable ease. LinkedIn Twitter


Founded by Arnob Mukherjee, Olvy operates in the field of analytics, cloud computing, enterprise software, and software engineering. With its product, Olvy offers a highly customizable user interface, multiple widget styles, and feedback. It also offers the ability to tailor the domain, site, and branding. LinkedIn Twitter Facebook


Cubera is an analytics startup that is pioneering its way in the field of big data and IT infrastructure. Revolutionizing the world of big data analytics and adtech, Cubera focuses on data value sharing principles where users entrust zero-party data to the company. LinkedIn


QuarkCube, a cloud-based SaaS company, provides financial data modeling and analysis solutions. Their proprietary Quark Engine uses a native perspective for analysis and empowers businesses of all sizes to model, analyze, and predict far into the future. LinkedIn Twitter


With a focus on analytics and IT infrastructure, Blurgs has designed a platform that streamlines the extraction of insights from video data. This solution is engineered to relieve the stress of incorporating AI services directly into existing products. LinkedIn Twitter

Yellow Buds

Yellow Buds operates in the field of health care, information technology, the Internet of Things, and predictive analytics. The company is focused on developing solutions that use data to provide significant value in the healthcare sector. LinkedIn Facebook

Insyto Technology Services

Insyto offers data analytics and digital transformation services. Their digital services help clients go beyond their competition by making IT a strategic asset using infrastructure and application management knowledge. LinkedIn Twitter Facebook

Discite Analytics & AI

Discite Analytics & AI. founded by Kunal Singh (ex-Uber), is an AI/ML and Data Engineering firm. They create custom solutions and products in AI/ML for companies of all sizes globally. LinkedIn


Zolnoi, founded by Sivam Pillai, is optimizing manufacturing performance using data analytics. Their products include IoT-based sensors and gateways for data collection, proprietary AI for predictive maintenance, and a SaaS platform, Integrate+. LinkedIn

Swayam Analytics

Founded by Dr. Shilpa Datar, Swayam Analytics provides Vedic based psychometric personality assessments for HR teams to assess their candidates. LinkedIn Facebook

Diggibyte Technologies

Diggibyte Technologies provides an array of services including data and platform engineering, data science AI, advisory, consulting, advanced, and business analytics, and data maintenance services. LinkedIn Facebook

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