Emerging Analytics Startups Revolutionising Business Landscape in Tamil Nadu, Asia

January 4, 2024

The state of Tamil Nadu in India is emerging as a hotbed for startups in the analytics industry, with many young firms launching operations since 2020. These companies offer a varied range of products and services from data analysis to business intelligence, with a common goal of helping organizations leverage the power of data to drive growth and efficiency. Let’s delve into some of these exciting new startups.

Diverse in nature and applications, analytics startups are playing an integral role in the digital transformation journeys of businesses and individuals alike. They are harnessing and interpreting vast amounts of data to offer valuable insights, drive informed decision-making, and fuel innovation. Here, we turn the spotlight on several startups at the forefront of the analytics movement in Tamil Nadu.

This article features startups that have been instrumental in shaping the landscape of the analytics industry with their innovative solutions. They provide state-of-the-art services and have made significant contributions to areas like Artificial Intelligence, E-commerce, Business Intelligence, and several others.

VimGenix Technologies

Located in Salem, Tamil Nadu, VimGenix Technologies is a company specializing in Analytics, Apps, Data Center, and Project Management. Despite not having much information about their founders, their operations make a significant contribution to the Analytics industry in India.

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Livode, with its headquarters in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, is the brainchild of co-founder Eddie Gear. As an analytics startup, Livode is known for creating next generation products that solve business problems and spur revenue growth.

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Yuvan Prasanth Ve is a founder of Buizket, located in Coimbatore, which provides services in Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Consulting, E-commerce, Internet, Marketplace, Software, and Web Development. Although their description is not provided, their range of services tells us of their proficiency and versatility in the field.

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Dataflo, based in Chennai, is a startup focusing on data visualization platform tailor-made for leaders across the GTM functions where one can visualize, analyze, and uncover insights by setting up custom KPI dashboards. Dataflo promises to be a game-changer for any founder or leader in Marketing, Sales, or Customer Success.



Founded by Vijai Mohan, TrueInsights is based out of Chennai and is a formidably innovative player in the Analytics, Business Intelligence and Text Analytics industry. The company enables businesses of any size to customize easy-to-understand, narrative insights (analytics/metrics), giving them a competitive advantage.



Operating from Madurai, Tamil Nadu, Crewcharge is a customer retention and customer success tool for B2B SaaS companies to ensure cookie-free, GDPR-compliant PII analytics, targeted marketing with workflows for automation based on user behavior, and feedback widgets to calculate NPS, CES, CSAT.

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Trym’d is a Chennai-based startup founded by Ambigai Velusamy, Ashwin Kadirvelu, and Lenin Prakash. Specialising in the Internet, Mobile Apps, Predictive Analytics, and Scheduling, Trym’d is yet another example of the diverse applications of analytics in today’s world.

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The landscape of analytics in Tamil Nadu is as diverse as it is promising. With these startups driving innovation and digitization, the future of analytics and its applications in India seems to be in safe hands.

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