Dubai’s Emerging Asian Manufacturing Startups: A Look at Innovation in UAE

January 30, 2024

Despite the economic upheaval of 2020 caused by the global pandemic, the startup scene in Asia, particularly Dubai, has remained vibrant and vigorous. Many startups have taken this as an opportunity to innovate and pivot towards creating solutions for both the present and future. Particularly noteworthy are the new kids on the block who began their journey in the new reality that this year has come to symbolise. They have not only accepted the challenge but are rewriting the rules of the game. Here are some of the latest entrants in the Manufacturing industry with their headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates who are making a mark.

These companies have demonstrated resilience and ingenuity in a time when global supply chains have been disrupted, consumer behaviour has changed, and the market dynamics have shifted unpredictably. From healthcare to fashion to consumer electronics, these startups span a broad spectrum of sectors within the manufacturing industry. Despite their diversity of domains, they all share common traits of adaptability, creativity, and a commitment to delivering unique and high-quality products and services to their customers.

So let’s dive in and take a look at these fresh faces on the scene, shaking things up in the industry and paving the way forward with their innovative ideas and practices.


AstraGene operates in the space of Biotechnology, Manufacturing, and Therapeutics. Their comprehensive approach and innovative solutions are a testament to their commitment to the field of biotechnology. To know more about their projects and strategies, check out their LinkedIn.

Champions Global

Being a firm in Event Management, Manufacturing, and Sports, Champions Global is making strides in organising and executing large scale events that have been a hit among its audience. They can be found on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


Founded by Alhadi Alwazir and Hocine Sidi-Said, KELIX bio has been making waves in the Health Care, Manufacturing, and the Pharmaceutical industry. They are primarily targeting the developing markets with complex products that provide solutions to neglected populations. For more on KELIX bio follow them at LinkedIn.

Naksh Signs And Engraving

Naksh Signs And Engraving offers a broad range of services including Engraving, Laser Cutting, Steel Fabrication, Signage, and much more. Their comprehensive services have made them a preferred choice in the Manufacturing industry. Get to know more about this company on LinkedIn and Facebook.


TWAN is a startup that straddles fashion, manufacturing, and retail sectors, emphasizing sustainability and the creation of wearables. Their unique take on the fashion industry is an embodiment of their innovative approach. Follow them on Facebook for more updates.


Clikon is a rising star in the Consumer Electronics, Electronics, and Manufacturing industry. Their products have been well received in the market, making them a popular choice in the consumer electronics sector. To know more about their product offerings, check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

To conclude, despite the challenges presented by the past year, these companies have persevered and affirmed the resilience and creativity in the manufacturing sector straight out of Dubai. They are surely ones to watch out for in the times ahead.

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