Dubai’s #1 Storage Company, UAE | ARENA Storage

June 1, 2023
Dubai’s #1 Storage Company, UAE | ARENA Storage

There are many reasons why one would want to invest in self-storage facilities. In Dubai, one of the biggest reasons is the city’s limited home and business space, which makes renting costs rather steep. Using storage space is an easy way around this, as you can keep everything in a storage facility instead of spending a lot more on a larger apartment or office space simply for the purposes of storage.

Self-storage in Dubai is, therefore, an incredibly helpful service that allows individuals to store their belongings safely, securely, affordably, and comfortably. This not only makes way for better organisation but also allows for better security of the belongings.

But with many Dubai storage facilities available today, it can be challenging to pick a reliable facility that gives you peace of mind and value for the money you spent. So let’s go through all the factors you should consider when trying to confidently choose a self-storage in Dubai.

Adequate Security

To feel confident in the security of your storage space in Dubai, you need to ensure that your storage company offers adequate security. Ideally, this should include things like surveillance cameras, on-site personnel, and individual access codes. Moreover, while the storage unit itself should be secure on its own, the main buildings or grounds should also have tight security measures in place.

Regular Maintenance and Upkeep

Another sign that a storage company is reliable is if they consistently perform maintenance. A clean facility is a reflection of their business practices and can show you that your belongings will be stored with the same level of care.

Pay attention to the state of their empty storage units, hallways, and any other common areas. If the storage facility isn’t kept up properly, there is a higher risk of water damage, mould, or even pest problems.

All these issues have the potential to damage your belongings. In order to assure the reliability of your storage provider, ensure that you ask them about their maintenance practices and look around to see for yourself whether the facility looks up to par.


If you are someone who will need access to your stored items, you should ensure that your provider offers convenient access hours. For example, some offer access during their specific operating hours, while others offer 24/7 access. Determine which of these options is more suitable for your needs and choose a provider who will be able to fulfil those access requirements.

Customer Support

One of the most essential factors when engaging with any business is that they provide good customer support. The same sentiment applies to self-storage in Dubai. You should ensure that the storage company handling your goods cares about accommodating your needs and answering any questions.

Take the time to communicate with the staff and see how they respond to your queries. Depending on how helpful they are to your queries, you will be able to get an idea about the quality of their service and how reliable it is.

Reputation and Customer Reviews

Understanding the general reputation of the storage company can also clue you into whether or not their services are reliable. For this you should do some online research into customer reviews and ratings.

Naturally, positive reviews can show you that they have a reliable service, but negative reviews are often more revealing. There is no doubt that negative reviews will exist for any company.

However, how the company responds to negative reviews can show you that they are willing to deal with complaints and help provide the best service.

Climate Control

Depending on what items you are trying to store, you may need to consider whether a storage facility offers climate-control facilities.

Items such as furniture, artwork, documents, electronics, or any other delicate belongings can be sensitive to certain temperatures or humidity levels. In order to feel confident that these belongings are being stored and kept properly, a climate control unit is essential.

Insurance Options

A good facility for storage in Dubai will have all the right measures in place to ensure the safety of your belongings from unforeseen incidents such as natural disasters. Under such situations they should be able to offer insurance coverage for an added level of protection. Take the time to understand their insurance packages fully to ensure that you are happy with the conditions.

Contract Terms

Finally, consider the pricing and contract terms offered by the storage company. Compare the rates of different providers in your area. However, keep in mind that companies with better services may have higher price margins for the facilities and versatile options they provide. So ensure you do not simply opt for the cheapest option but instead evaluate which one will give you the most value for your money.

When it comes to pricing, be cautious of any hidden fees. Verify that all costs are stated correctly in the contract as a company that isn’t transparent with their pricing is one that isn’t very reliable.

You should also ensure that they are accommodating to your needs and are not pushing an excessively long-term contract when it doesn’t really fit with your requirements. The best storage companies will have flexible and versatile options that you will feel comfortable accepting.

If you have the need to expand or reduce your self-storage in the future, having the capacity to both upgrade and downgrade your unit sizes with flexible contract terms can be helpful.

Find A Great Storage Solution

With all these considerations in mind, you should be able to confidently choose a self-storage unit that is right for you. ARENA Storage is one such reliable option that offers accessible and convenient self-storage solutions in Dubai both for personal and commercial needs.

They have air-conditioned and climate-controlled units with strong security featuring 24-hour digital surveillance and individually alarmed units, assuring your possessions all the protection they need.

ARENA Storage is also renowned locally for their 24/7 customer and rental support, with unlimited unit access. Whether it’s for personal or commercial, long or short term, or even options that feel easy on the pocket, they have a range of versatile and flexible options, to confidently help you pick a self-storage unit.

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