Dubai-Based Asian Startups Revitalizing the Transportation Industry

January 30, 2024

2020 was an exciting year for new and emerging startups in the Transportation industry, with several innovative and leading-edge companies establishing their operations in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. These companies are changing the face of transportation in the region, bringing a variety of new services and technologies to the industry. Here, we highlight several of these companies, providing details on their founders, industries, descriptions, and social media profiles to help you learn more about these promising new ventures.

While some startups focus on improving and innovating in traditional transportation sectors, such as Air and Marine transportation, others are using modern technology, including AI and digital platforms, to create groundbreaking new transportation methods and services.

Whether you are interested in the startup scene or the Transportation industry, or looking for investment opportunities, the following profiles should pique your interest. These startups are shaking up the transportation sector in Dubai and are not to be missed.


Nourish is a unique startup in the Air Transportation, Customer Service, Food and Beverage, and Reservations industries. Founded in 2020 by Thomas Eliopoulos, Nourish introduces a global booking platform for personalized in-flight meals, offering its services to travelers worldwide. Based in the UAE, Nourish is a trailblazer in the Air Transportation landscape.

Sweech Technologies

Sweech Technologies is an innovative startup in the Professional Services, Rental, Transportation industries. With its groundbreaking services, Sweech Technologies adds a fresh dimension to the conventional transportation system. Facebook | LinkedIn


Seanext stands out in the Marine Transportation industry. As a global maritime recruitment platform, Seanext aims to bridge the gap between seafarers and shipowners, providing an innovative solution to the maritime industry. Facebook | LinkedIn

Horn Ok Please FZ LLC

Endeavoring in the Logistics, Transportation industry, Horn Ok Please FZ LLC, initiated by Ankur Chaturvedi, is a leading intracity logistics provider all over the UAE. The company offers forward, reverse logistics for the first, middle, and last mile within cities making logistics manageable and timely. LinkedIn


swftbox, founded by Mohamad Absi Halabi, is a game-changer in the Crowdsourcing, E-Commerce, E-Commerce Platforms, Information Technology, Last Mile Transportation, Shipping, Supply Chain Management, and Transportation industries. swftbox is a shipping platform that enhances same-day deliveries to retailers through an optimal courier network. Facebook | LinkedIn


Neurobotx operates in the Air Transportation, Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles, Image Recognition, Information Technology, Internet of Things, Natural Language Processing, Neuroscience, Software, Virtual Reality industries. With a skilled team of top researchers, they aim to build brain-inspired neural networks for smart navigation for drones and cars. LinkedIn

Right Farm

The Right Farm startup operates in the B2B, E-Commerce, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Transportation industries. Founders Elie Skaf, Mazen Mourad, and Mohammad Abu Ajamieh created a digital agri-supply chain that allows businesses to buy food in a simple, intelligent, and sustainable way. Facebook | LinkedIn


Terra is an outstanding startup in the Electric Vehicle, Energy Management, Sustainability, Transportation industries. Their mission is to reform the current transportation system into one that bolsters sustainable and creative mobility for every community. Facebook | LinkedIn

Helicopters Worldwide

Operating in the Aerospace, Air Transportation, Information Technology, Mobile Apps, Software, Transportation industries, Helicopters Worldwide gives an easy 3-click private flight booking facility focusing mainly on helicopter transfers that connect to limousines, private jets, and flying cars.

SLK Global

SLK Global is a notable addition to the Supply Chain Management, Transportation, Warehousing industry. By integrating innovative technologies and systems, SLK Global aims to bring a revolution in the overall supply chain management industry. LinkedIn

Sky Light Invest

Based in Dubai, Sky Light Invest operates in the Blockchain, EdTech, FinTech, Information Technology, Oil and Gas, Transportation industries. As a private-equity, mezzanine, and venture-capital firm, Sky Light Invest provides growth capital to fast-growing companies ushered by bold entrepreneurs.

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