Central Asia’s Emerging Accounting Startups: Innovating the Financial Landscape

January 4, 2024

The Asian startup landscape has seen an exponential growth of companies across various industries. One such industry displaying a remarkable surge is the realm of accounting. Here, we are going to take an insightful tour through some of the radically innovative startups in Central Singapore, whose inception occurred post 2020. These entities are not only redefining the accounting industry, but are also setting the stage for future trends.

The rise of these startups is indicative of the increasing demand for specialized accounting services within the region. Unsurprisingly, this surge aligns with the broader narrative of technological advancement and digitization in enterprise operations. This digital transformation has characteristically marked the emergence of these startups, catering to specific niche sectors within the broad umbrella of accounting and auditing services.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these startups, their motives, their offerings, and how they are contributing to the burgeoning Asian startup ecosystem:


Starboard is an IT firm that offers tailored accounting, compliance, tax, and business advisory services. Their technology provides customers with an exclusive client management dashboard, access to all communications and jobs in one place, and automation tools to ease tedious tasks. Serving entrepreneurs with a host of corporate, regulatory, and financial issues related to international markets, the firm has grown remarkably in the region within a short span.


Dedicated to providing financial services, Metier presents customized and cost-effective, financial and secretarial solutions for startups, smes, and boutique companies. They understand that the financial needs of every business are unique and work towards providing personalized solutions that cater to individual requirements.


Providing financial services, FidCorp specializes in combining technology with traditional accounting to provide improved services to their clients. Their passion is to help small to medium businesses grow by providing them with the business tools and services they need to succeed in a highly competitive market.


Founded by a group of seasoned auditors, WIDI is a cloud-based audit workflow management software focusing on user experience. Their mission is to offer auditors tools to facilitate a highly efficient workflow aligning with the industry benchmark, creating a user-friendly environment while emphasizing productivity.


With a mission to automate financial activities and reporting for responsible Web3 teams, Headquarters offers a user-friendly platform to manage all cash across wallet types, multi-sig wallets, exchanges, and custodians. Founded in 2022, Headquarters has been successful in making financial management a seamless task for their clients.


Tracebooks is a blockchain-based financial management platform that helps startups in creating a tamper-proof ledger of all financial transactions. They provide a secure and transparent platform for startups to share their accounting data which increases their credibility among potential investors.

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