Career Planning Innovations: Tokyo Startups Reshaping the Asian Market

January 30, 2024

In a fast-paced and digital corporate world, career planning has shifted paradigms from mere job-seeking to holistic career development. Innovative startups have turned this need into an opportunity, pioneering services that go beyond matchmaking between candidates and employers. Brought to light in the wake of 2020, these startups touch numerous industries, offering a varied range of services such as career planning, human resources, software apps, and consultancy. This article showcases such enterprises based in Tokyo, Japan. We will explore their unique contributions in shaping the career planning industry and promoting efficient employment.

Based in Tokyo, this prolific array of companies leverages cutting-edge digital tools, artificial intelligence and personalized guidance to provide comprehensive solutions for career progression. Furthermore, they engage in employee education and management, offering unparalleled support for professional development. These startups are shaping the future of employment and career development, employing strategies that are rooted in the understanding of the aspirations and capabilities of career seekers.

The role filled by these startups in the career planning industry is indispensable, especially given the unpredictable nature of job markets across the globe. By refining the process of career planning and job seeking, they not only ensure seamless recruitment but also help individuals make informed decisions about their careers. Let’s take a closer look at some of these transformative startups.

Life Will Change

A consultancy and career planning agency, Life Will Change provides specialized advice, helping individuals chart their career paths seamlessly. They also operate in the staffing agency business, providing businesses with well-vetted employees.


In the arena of career planning, Veterans is another well-recognized startup based out of Tokyo. In addition to career planning, they have extended their services to cover human resources and employment.


Ex-Work is a tech-first startup operating in the fields of career planning and human resources. They leverage software solutions to revolutionize the way career planning and HR operations are executed.


47agent is an employment-focused startup that also offers career planning, human resources and recruiting services. These comprehensive solutions make the job market more accessible and navigable for job seekers.

Life Ship

Another Tokyo-based startup, Life Ship provides professional career planning, consulting employment and recruiting services. By combining these features, they allow individuals to map their careers effectively.


Founded by Keisuke Taniai, Kosuke Kuzuoka, and Yuichi Ito, Hireroo is an innovative startup focusing on online coding tests to measure the skills of engineers. Catering to persons of different professional levels, Hireroo provides handy test planning and execution services.


WorkCircle is an IT-oriented startup providing innovative apps to assist individuals in career planning. Their digital solutions make career planning not only efficient but also user-friendly and accessible, contributing to more informed and successful career paths.


A unique startup that combines artificial intelligence with career planning, Yagish also provides consulting services and aid for content creators. The added bonus of AI empowers them to provide personalized solutions like never before.

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