Branded SEO Software for Digital Marketing Agency

Any SEO professional knows the value of having their own SEO Software in this giant SEO world. But it’s not always possible to build SEO software from scratch. And sometimes resources and times don’t support it as well. Fortunately finding out the best branded SEO Software is comparatively easy.

And here we are talking about Branded SEO Tools on the cloud by SEO Audit Software. This software has a powerful Auditing, Lead generation, and keyword tracking feature. As you are becoming the branded tool partner there are so many benefits hidden in the way. You just need to figure out which way will work best for your Digital Marketing Agency. So let’s start knowing this amazing tool by SEO Audit Software.

What is Branded SEO Software?

Branded SEO Software means you will have the experience of having your own SEO Software on the cloud with full capacity. Here you can style the platform completely in your branded nature. And get the chance of selling the SEO tools as services to your clients. It’s a complete suite of SEO tools designed to increase your organic rankings and scale up your business revenue.

How Branded SEO Software aligns with your SEO Goals?

Having a branded SEO Software means you are saving yourself from tons of tedious work such as running a technical SEO Audit, Lead generation, or tracking important Keyword ranking.

With these amazing tools, you can easily see what’s working and which part of your SEO strategy can benefit from some tweaking.

There are some undeniable benefits which proves that every digital marketing agency needs a Branded SEO Software in their life.

  • Think about your competitors. They are also providing SEO services just like you. Now, what makes you different from them? By having a Branded SEO Software you can easily be one step ahead of them. Here you don’t need to be a technical expert either.
  • You already have thousands of clients works on your list. But that doesn’t carry away the fact, you need to think about client’s rankings on SERPs as well. What about you have a branded support that lets you get a well-observed technical audit report in a minute. And all in your branding element. The report you can easily share with your clients and based on the recommendations inside you can make necessary improvements. It saves you tons of minutes from doing the manual work. Also, such help lets you stand out more in front of your clients.
  • Branded SEO Software unleashes your marketing team’s SEO potentiality. How? With this simple tool now you can have the benefit of full feature-packed SEO Software. Here you don’t need to invest anything extra. Not required any software developer or server maintenance. What better way to start your marketing agency SEO Service than Branded SEO Software which is basically your agency’s life savior on that matter.
  • Earlier you think that your agency is not great at serving the SEO facility to the client. At that time you don’t have any strong SEO team. But now you don’t need to think that way. No need to spend hours of sleepless nights doing SEO. These SEO tools are capable enough to carry out any difficult SEO task. You can easily now improve your client’s SERP performance. Also along with your primary service like website design, graphics design, content writing, you can sell those SEO features of Branded SEO tools to your clients. Here you are targeting a completely new customer base and able to retain your old customers as well.

Not only that. There are also many wholesome reasons behind the increasing popularity of Branded SEO software. The amount of benefit that it gave was so much needed by the SEO professionals. Now they have,

  • Single interface: No need to jump from one platform to another anymore. Branded SEO software brings all the necessary tools for SEO in a single platform.

    Its dashboard gives you the latest update of keyword ranking data, the total number of audits, and a total number of leads on demand. While going into detail about the keyword ranking data, you can analyze your competitors’ keywords performance on SERPs as well.

    The organized way of showing real-time data, reporting, and audits really benefits the agency-level users. And the Branded SEO Software allows you to customize the software dashboard in your own way.
  • Knowledge of Google Ranking Algorithms: The algorithm of searching relevant web pages in search engines keeps changing frequently.

    A normal person will not even know about such changes. But Branded SEO software knows and helps you to optimize web pages according to new algorithms. Here are the audit reports which help you to analyze the web performance and improve it by keeping pace with the changing algorithm. As well as the keyword ranking data you get are showing real-time results of Google.

With the Branded SEO Software you will now get access to your user keyword ranking data.

  • Efficient management: Like it said earlier. With the help of Branded SEO Software, managing SEO functions is super easy now. Because the tool itself does the heavy work of data collection, analyzing, and reporting.

    It leaves you with tasks only related to decision-making. Resulting in efficient management. That means no need for spreadsheet clutters anymore. You will have expert reports of your Keyword ranking data and amazing data-driven audit reports in PDF format.
  • An SEO Lead Generation Widget on Site: Using the SEO Lead Generation you can now allow your user to embed a branded “Free SEO Audit Widget” button in their website for 14 days. After 14 days they will still get the chance of generating leads from their website in a non-branded way. Or can subscribe to any of the paid versions of the software. The payments will directly come to your account. Here you are getting a chance to hook your prospects easily while they are browsing your site.
  • Professional Looking Report: The Branded SEO Audit Software Report is packed with data-driven insights to easily impress your clients. With the Branded SEO reporting dashboard now you can easily grab real-time SEO reports and make it easier for your clients to understand them better.

Brand your SEO reports with your company logo and style and email the reports directly to your clients from your SMTP mail server.

  • Higher rankings: Ranking high on search engines is the prime goal of all SEO tactics. The websites that rank high for example 1st to 3rd position on the search have a high possibility of getting clicked.

    And the website down the line remains unnoticed mostly. SEO software advice and shows ways to rank high with its advanced audit and keyword ranking report.

Here you can now allow your user to run your SEO Audit tool. All will be in your brand name. Your user will feel they are logged into your marketing agency software.

In summary, the future of SEO is now in your hands. The great news is you are getting all the above benefits on your company label.

Now that you will get some idea about what Branded SEO Software do for your Marketing Agency. Let’s check what’s more Branded SEO Tools on the cloud by SEO Audit Software offered to your Digital Marketing Agency.

Features of Branded SEO Tools on the cloud by SEO Audit Software

Branded SEO Tools on the cloud let you get the benefit of SEO tools under your Brand. As a marketing agency, you can sell these tools to your customer and can redeem payments directly to your account. It opens up lots of branding opportunities.

To become the SEO Audit Software Branding Partner, you have to check your marketing agency eligibility under our terms and conditions. After that, you will become the software admin of SEO Audit Software. Here you can control everything under your brand name.

Run Software under your Brand name:

Without any requirement of hosting or domain support, you can easily run this software under the brand name. And the most amazing part, there will be no footprint of SEO Audit Software whatsoever.

Zero need for any technical investment:

With the Branded SEO Tools on the Cloud, you are getting all the benefits as your own earned SEO software with just a single payment, that’s the payment for Branded SEO tools itself. No technical development cost, domain and hosting cost, maintenance cost is required.

Also, you don’t have to pay monthly for using the Branded SEO tools. Just check out the guideline for using this exclusive edition of SEO Audit Software and place your order.

  • The Basic Pricing of Branded SEO Tools on the Cloud:

For a small agency with 100 clients: Starting at $49. The cost will be changed based on the agency requirements.

For a Growing agency with lots of clients: Starting at only $99. Here the price is not fixed.

Complete Customization of the SEO Software from Admin Panel

As a software admin, you will get a chance to customize the software dashboard fully. From the front-end settings, you can manage the Page title, button, options, version status, terms and condition text, copyright text, Fav icon, large and small size logo, and much more.

Here you are getting a chance to customize the dashboard in your own way.

What’s more:

  • White Label Reporting Setting:

From this section, you can add your company name, email address, phone number, logo, footer, and summary text. And present your client a branded audit report every time they run an audit using this software as a free user.

  • Front end Style settings

Here you can change the software branding color, font size, and other basic CSS style staff.

  • SEO setting

Here you can control everything from the SEO perspective. Such as

  • Home page header title and the meta tag,
  • Pricing page title and meta text,
  • Audit a page header title and meta text
  • Google Analytics Code

Customizable Email Notification:

Get full control over the SEO Audit software email notification from the admin panel. Here you can send customized email text using SEO Audit Software’s existing SMTP server. Or can send new email events by using your own SMTP server. Update the Email SMTP data from the admin panel SMTP settings.

Change the Email content from the Admin Email setting. Here you can change the email admin name and email address and header and footer of all the emails.

The email content you can edit from here are,

  • Member notice email, such as welcome email, payment receipt, subscription upgrade, and downgrade email, cancel subscription email, failed transaction email. Even if you receive payment from any other format other than PayPal. Such as through the Bank, you can send a manual payment notification email from here.
  • Followup Email
  • Keyword update notification email
  • Lead Notification email

What’s more in the Admin Panel:

From the admin panel, you can see the total user, order, payment, total number of audits and projects, total lead collection, total keyword rank tracking status at the dashboard.

  • All User list:

Check out all your user list from this section. Here you can see the subscription status of all the users, whether they are free trials or paid users. Along with that, check out their joining date and email address. You can take necessary actions about them from here as well.

All this information you can use later for your marketing purposes.

All control of the Payment Receivables:

The control of collecting payment from your user is now on your hand. You can directly receive payment from them either using PayPal or Bank. All will be controlled under supreme security. No need to worry about data security.

**Just one disclaimer: As a Branded SEO Software user, you have to share the percentage of total revenue earned with the SEO Audit Software.

Get auto-updates of the Software:

No need to worry about technical difficulty or software updates. All will be done automatically. You don’t need to think about a single thing. With that get continuous bugs and error fixing support. Also, you will also get access to all the new features whenever they get released.

Last Words:

No matter how big or small a marketing agency is, now you can easily avail the benefit of having your own SEO Software using this Branded SEO Software on the cloud. And the best part, you don’t require any extra investment for that. It gives you the freedom to focus more on the clients’ relations than the service. This software allows you to sell all the SEO services that your client ever needs. It is saving you precious time and energy that would be needed to spend on building such powerful software on your own. Now get higher value at a very reasonable investment and be more scalable with Branded SEO Software.

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