Australian-Asian Agriculture Startups: Innovating Farming Practices Across the Continent

January 3, 2024


Asia continues to dominate the global startup ecosystem with a new wave of innovative businesses emerging from the continent. It’s not only the technology sector making strides, but the agriculture industry is also brimming with potential. This article highlights some exceptional Australian startups founded in 2020 and beyond that are making significant strides in the agriculture sector.

These ventures have leveraged advanced technology, embraced sustainability, and created innovative solutions to drive the industry forward. Spanning across disparate branches of AgTech, from health care to financial services, these businesses look set to reshape and nurture the agricultural landscape into a more efficient, sustainable, and promising sector.

Let’s embark on a journey to discover these breakthrough companies:


Headquartered in Palm Grove, New South Wales, Terraflos is a game-changing startup in the domains of agriculture, health care, and sustainability. The company integrates the productive value chain of plants, from seeds to consumers, building a link between regenerative agriculture, organic extraction, manufacturing, sale, and distribution of natural products. In doing so, they generate social impacts and improve human health and welfare.


Based in Carlton, Victoria, Agtuary uses AI to build synthetic farm records through satellite, weather, and climate data. Their innovative solutions inform lending, risk and investment decision-making. The Agtuary Signal platform provides next-generation insights to drive credit, risk and investment decision making in agriculture.


Invalt is a Newcastle, New South Wales-based startup specialising in advanced materials and agriculture. Though they’re in the early stages of their journey, their innovation and forward-thinking vision have the potential to bring valuable contributions to the industry.


Agriculture meets E-commerce with AgWe, a Sydney-based AgTech startup. AgWe, while in the early stages, has a hopeful future in the industry given its niche focus and the growing digitisation of agriculture.

8Corners Pty Ltd

8Corners Pty Ltd provides an E-Commerce marketplace for the agriculture industry operating from Lismore, New South Wales. Their platform, 8Corners, allows for a streamlined and efficient trading process for agricultural products.

The Leaf Protein Company

Located in Adelaide, South Australia, The Leaf Protein Company combines tradition, science, and technology to produce highly nutritious food ingredients. Their mission is to bring sustainability to the environment and local grower communities, showcasing the potential of Biotechnology, Food and Beverage, and Nutrition within the Agriculture industry.


Farmo, an emerging startup based in Melbourne, Victoria, is working diligently towards improving the welfare of animals and making life better for farmers. They offer sensors for remote monitoring and control of agricultural activities, primarily focusing on water monitoring and water management – major contributing factors in driving the update of digital technology in agriculture.

Carbonaught Pty Ltd

Carbonaught Pty Ltd is a Brisbane, Queensland-based startup harnessing green tech within the agriculture sector. Their platform enables companies and individuals to profitably reduce their emission footprint, a paramount initiative in the era of climate change.


Yarta is an AgTech startup based in Sydney, founded in 2022. Their platform provides tools for farmers and merchants to purchase, sell, hedge, and finance agricultural commodities thus reshaping financial services within the agricultural sector.

Though these startups are relatively new, their disruptive methodologies, novel technologies, and sustainability-focused ethos are set to bring significant changes to the agricultural industry in Asia, and possibly beyond. Stay tuned to our series as we continue to spotlight game-changing Asian startups in various industries.


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