Asia’s Innovative Financial Service Startups Flourishing in Hyderabad, India

January 30, 2024

Asia has continuously made an impression on the global startup scene with a dynamic blend of innovation and growth. Among these, is the vibrant city of Hyderabad, located in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh, India. These startups principally in the Financial Services sector are forming robust pillars for the Indian economy. Despite the challenge of the pandemic, 2020 has seen some noteworthy new startups take flight in Hyderabad, marking a new era for finance in India. This article showcases some of the fresh startups that began in or after 2020 whose main operations are in the Financial Services Industry and are headquartered in Hyderabad.

These successful startups have been shaking up the financial services sector with innovative approaches to everything from asset management, Fintech solutions, payments, credit systems to investment platforms and many more. Let’s dive into an overview of these emerging startups, their industry of operations and contributions.

Many of these startups have plowed their focus into leveraging technology to offer disruptive financial services solutions. With a vast market to tap into and a significant number of unbanked and underbanked population, their products and services couldn’t have come at a better time.

Syndicate Capital

Founded by Mazhar Pasha, Syndicate Capital operates in multiple sectors including Asset Management, Commercial Real Estate, Financial Services, Real Estate, and Real Estate Investment. The company offers advisory, investments, and asset management operations for realty businesses. Syndicate Capital meticulously executes risk assessments monitoring critical functions and withholding compliance requirements. They have strategic locations in India, UAE, HK, and UK to serve global clients. Connect with them on Facebook or Linkedin or follow on Twitter.


With the founders Varun Kashyap leading the team, Zithara is a Fintech company that enables people to live beyond cash. Accelerating the digital economy with the power of UPI, they are making financial transactions easier and more efficient. Visit their Facebook page and Linkedin or follow on Twitter to stay updated.


Founded by Vijay Kumar and Yogesh Bathina, Krab is a SaaS and Fintech startup enabling truckers/trucking companies with no formal credit score to access loans from banks. Krab is using technology to disrupt traditional financial services and create more inclusive solutions. You can connect with them on Facebook and Linkedin or follow on Twitter.


Ecofin provides financial and credit system services. They offer a credit facility for required efforts and avail loan services. Making fund disposal, repayment, loan, and transaction services more accessible to the general population, they are transforming the way credit is perceived in India. Join them on Facebook or Linkedin or follow on Twitter.


Coine is a startup operating in the Financial Services, FinTech, Lending fields to make transactions smoother and faster. They have been creating exciting new models of financial services leveraging latest technology. Connect with them on Linkedin.

Premia Chit Funds Private Limited

Founded by Mohammed Rahim Khan, Premia Chit Funds Private Limited, operates in the Financial Services industry and offers unique Indian traditional form of savings cum borrowing instrument.

An upcoming player in the fintech space,, led by founders Dheeraj Sharma and Rajni Sharma, operates in the finance sector. They strive to redefine the BFSI sector by simplifying and digitising conventional finance practices. Follow them on Facebook or visit their Linkedin page for more information.


Fueled by the vision of its founder Prasad Lendwe, Takeoff is India’s First Online Mutual Fund Distribution Platform for Non-Individual Investors. Their innovative solutions are reshaping the financial landscape for businesses, trusts, and government bodies. Follow them on Facebook or check them out on Linkedin.


NeoCredit is led by founders Gondyala Surender Rao, Harish Reddy Rajupalli, and Srinivasa Reddy Kareti. The company is making banking efficient with deep technological interventions. NeoCredit’s initial product enables Invoice discounting for MSMEs. They plan to create personalized banking products to promote financial inclusion of Micro, Small and Medium enterprises. For more, visit the company’s Linkedin page.

Finance Box

Finance Box is a fintech platform providing a comprehensive suite of financial services.

Success Trading

Founded by a team comprised of Abdul Hirshad, Krishna Prasad, Srikanth Kaspa, and Srinivas Cheepurupalli, Success Trading operates in several sectors including Artificial Intelligence, Finance, Financial Services, Software, Trading Platform, and Wealth Management. To know more, you can visit their Linkedin page.

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