Asian Vanguard: Unveiling Vietnam’s Innovative Advertising Startup Scene

January 3, 2024

Asia, and specifically Vietnam, has seen a significant surge in startup activity in recent years, especially in the field of advertising. As digital transformation continues to reshape industries, these innovative startups are leveraging technology to offer fresh perspectives and solutions in the advertising landscape. From HR platforms aimed at marketing personnel recruitment to digital marketing agencies adept at SEO, PPC and Web Development, these startups have made their mark despite their recent inceptions in 2020 or later. This article embraces the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation to highlight some of the ambitious startups from Vietnam operating in the Advertising industry.

One common thread among these startups is their focus on providing comprehensive solutions that not only cater to the growing digital needs of businesses but also build strong brands. Another interesting aspect is their approach to tackle various digital media matters, allowing businesses to focus more on their core operations. In the midst of a challenging business environment brought on by the pandemic, these startups have displayed resilience and adaptability. They have reaffirmed the value of innovation in overcoming obstacles and creating opportunities. This trait is especially important today, as businesses navigate an uncertain and rapidly changing landscape.

The following sections take an in-depth look at these startups, providing a glimpse into their unique offerings, strategies, and contributions to the vibrant Vietnamese advertising scene. Each of these companies, with its individual specialty and approach, is redefining the advertising industry in their unique way.


Based in Hanoi, MarketingWorks is spearheading the revolution in HR and marketing recruitment. Founded by Long Tuan, the platform leverages the power of technology, merging together the functionalities of Airbnb, Vimeo, and Tinder. With a strong presence on social media platforms, including Facebook and LinkedIn, MarketingWorks is shaping the future of marketing recruitment.


Prodima, co-founded by Benjamin Poirrier and based in Ho Chi Minh City, offers expertise in a range of digital marketing services. From SEO, PPC, and Social Media to Web Design and Development, Prodima partners with businesses to enhance their online branding visibility. Key clients include Forextime, Cockstock, and Huggies among others. You can connect with Prodima on Facebook and LinkedIn.


AdOne JSC, led by Tony Vu, is another promising startup in Hanoi creating value in the Mobile Advertising, Mobile Apps, Publishing, and Software segments. Aimed at freelance developers and app studios, AdOne provides development services with a mission to maximize benefits from innovative ideas. Follow AdOne on Facebook and LinkedIn for more updates.

Headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City and founded by Anh Le, is a startup support organization offering consulting and resources to Vietnamese startups. With a strong focus on providing information and boosting marketing aspects, emerges out as a reliable partner for budding and small enterprises. Check out their Facebook and LinkedIn pages for more. – #1 Digital Marketing & SEO Agency Vietnam, founded by THIEN HO in Ho Chi Minh City, specializes in providing SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Content Marketing services. The company’s risk-free SEO services demonstrate their confidence in providing excellent results. Connect with on Facebook and LinkedIn to learn more about their approach to digital marketing and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Mega Digital

With its headquarters in Hanoi, Mega Digital helps brands grow through powerful ad-tech tools, meaningful designs, and creative digital transformation solutions to make brands succeed. Follow Mega Digital on Facebook and LinkedIn to stay updated.

E-Digital Communication Co., Ltd

Founded by Hồ Đức Dũng, E-Digital offers one of the most comprehensive digital marketing solutions in Vietnam. With services ranging from SEO to Google Map verification, E-Digital is committed to help businesses achieve rapid sales growth and revenue increases. You can follow E-Digital on Facebook and LinkedIn for updates on their services.


Liulo, an advertising startup based in Hanoi, provides a platform for Podcast and Audio Social interactions. Under the leadership of Linh Truong, Liulo is connecting people and creating opportunity for content creators. You can follow Liulo on their Facebook page for more information about their services.

In conclusion, the multitude of startups in the advertising sphere in Vietnam is a testament to the region’s entrepreneurial energy and innovation aptitude. As they continue to redefine the boundaries of advertising with their unique solutions, these startups are truly the ones to watch.

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