Asian Central Region: Spotlight on Innovative Agriculture Startups

January 3, 2024

The robust agriculture sector in Asia’s Central Region is ripe with opportunities and buoyed by impressive innovation. In recent years, a number of startups have entered this burgeoning market, revitalizing the landscape with inventive ideas that marry modern technology with traditional farming practices. This article, part of a series highlighting startups in Asia, turns its focus onto enterprises established in 2020 and beyond, participating in the agriculture industry and headquartered in the Central Region.

These companies draw upon a vast pool of knowledge gleaned from various industries including AgTech, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Biotechnology, and Aquaculture, among others. Harnessing the power of technology, they aim to revolutionize agricultural practices, boost productivity, and foster sustainable development. Moreover, a strong commitment to the environment and community is an undercurrent that characterises these startups.

We delve into the back stories of these enterprises and share a brief overview of their respective missions, illustrating the unique ways they engage with and contribute to the agriculture industry.

Vertical Oceans

Based in Singapore, Vertical Oceans is an AgTech venture specializing in Aquaculture and Farming. Founded by Enzo Acerbi and John F. Diener, the startup’s revolutionary aqua towers promote sustainable farming methods within urban environments. Their proprietary iHAB technology relies on an integrated biofiltration system using fish and seaweed, creating a nutrient-rich and natural environment for shrimp.


Biotechnology startup Bioark was launched by Jeremy Chua and is located in Singapore. The company’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages offer further insight into their work and strategies.


MooMa, an Agritech-dairy milk startup based in Singapore, was founded by Brian Reddy. The company uses IoT and Big Data solutions to boost dairy farming practices and challenge climate change risks. They can also be found on LinkedIn.


DCX, a digital marketplace for agricultural commodities, was founded in Singapore by Frank Gouverne and Stephen Edkins. This integrated platform leverages blockchain technology to bring transparency to international trade. Stay updated with DCX on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Kelly Ann Yeo and Wesley Oxenham, Farmcity aims to empower communities in Singapore to cultivate their own food. You can get more updates about their work on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Olam Agri

Olam Agri, based in Singapore, specializes in providing food, feed, and fibre in high-growth emerging markets. Keep up with Olam Agri on LinkedIn.


Founded by Hiroto Yamazaki in Singapore, UMAMI UNITED enriches the alt-protein market with innovative plant-based food inspired by Japanese ingredients. You can find them on LinkedIn.


WasteX, an AgTech based in Singapore, offers holistic solutions for agriculture and industry, helping clients improve their productivity. Find more about them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


GRANDBIO.SOLUTIONS in Singapore offers a technology for high-quality mushroom protein for multiple uses – food, feed, pharmaceuticals – in an environmentally friendly and resource-efficient manner.

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