Wellness Wonders of Tel Aviv: Revolutionizing Health One Startup at a Time

July 22, 2023

Reflect Innovation

  • Website: meetreflect.com
  • About: Reflect Innovation presents a unique interactive textile, harnessing biofeedback to guide users towards tranquility and calmness.


  • Website: agadolive.com
  • About: Revolutionizing video interactions, Agado’s platform enables effective sessions with a multitude of participants, emphasizing connection.


  • Website: painpal.health
  • About: Introducing a fresh take on telebehavioral health, PainPal provides personalized gamified sessions, focusing on behavioral and cognitive counseling.

FRÉ Skincare

  • Website: freskincare.com
  • About: Going beyond traditional skincare, FRÉ Skincare analyzes the skin’s interaction with various environmental elements, ensuring holistic care.


  • Website: sightx.ai
  • About: SightX.ai is at the frontier of wellness technology, deploying AI systems aimed at safeguarding lives.


  • Website: embieapp.com
  • About: Embie lends a helping hand to those striving to conceive, utilizing AI to hasten the journey towards parenthood.


  • Website: voyage81.com
  • About: Propelling imaging to the next level, Voyage81 brings the marvel of hyperspectral imaging straight to your smartphone.


  • Website: realizemd.com
  • About: RealizeMD pioneers in the world of Medical Aesthetics, offering predictive visualization to amplify outcomes.


  • Website: effectivate.org
  • About: Effectivate, with its web-based approach, promises a novel neuro-wellness experience.


  • Website: aquafit-intimate.com
  • About: Aquafit champions intimate wellness, presenting fem-tech solutions for holistic care.


  • Website: mindsense.it
  • About: Mindsense breaks new ground by analyzing traditional psychotherapy sessions, deriving actionable insights on a vast scale.


  • Website: leafreport.com
  • About: Venturing into the realm of CBD, Leafreport stands as a beacon of transparency and comprehensive information.


  • Website: mysuperbox.co.il
  • About: mySuperBox promises a healthy snacking revolution, delivering superfood-based treats right to your door.

Clara Mind

  • Website: claramind.com
  • About: Clara Mind emerges as a trusted ally in the early detection of cognitive decline, facilitating remote patient monitoring.

Mind Innovations

  • Website: mindinnovations.co
  • About: Advancing the realm of clinical psychology, Mind Innovations integrates cutting-edge digital health solutions.

Tel Aviv, with its blend of innovation and passion for wellness, has emerged as a global hub for health-tech. These 15 startups not only shine a light on the city’s vibrant ecosystem but also promise a healthier future for all.

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