Unveiling Tokyo’s Innovative IT Management Companies Powering Technological Transformation

July 5, 2023


In the bustling metropolis of Tokyo, a hub of technological advancements, a new wave of innovative IT management companies is emerging. These startups are at the forefront of driving digital transformation and revolutionizing how businesses manage their technology infrastructure. Join us on a journey to discover some of the most exciting players in Tokyo’s IT management landscape.


Website: Techpit

Description: Techpit is an information technology company offering cutting-edge solutions for businesses to harness the power of technology effectively.


Website: Crastonic

Description: Crastonic specializes in blockchain, web3.0 services, application development, management, and technology consulting, empowering businesses with next-generation solutions.


Website: Jinjer

Description: Jinjer is an IT service consultancy that serves as a human resources platform, electronic contract provider, accounting solution, and communication platform.



Description: INTERPOLATION offers an industrial IoT and LPWA dedicated platform, providing end-to-end solutions to enhance operational efficiency and productivity.


Website: NorthSand

Description: NorthSand is a consulting services company that leverages the power of technology to solve client issues, driving sustainable growth and innovation.


Website: cotobox

Description: cotobox is an information technology company that delivers comprehensive IT solutions, helping businesses stay competitive in the digital era.


Website: TRUNK

Description: TRUNK is an information site for internship and business training, connecting aspiring talents with the right opportunities in the IT industry.

NRI digital

Website: NRI digital

Description: NRI digital offers general technology solutions, ensuring secure and efficient communication on websites, safeguarding businesses and their customers.


Website: Dashcomb

Description: Dashcomb provides end-to-end dashboard UX design, secure private cloud, and vulnerability diagnosis solutions, empowering businesses with robust IT management capabilities.


Website: Worklog

Description: Worklog is a consulting company that offers a range of IT services, including consulting, contract development of systems, and IT support.


Website: Closip

Description: Closip is a telecom company specializing in communication encryption, terminal authentication, and terminal management solutions, ensuring data security.

Wall of Death

Website: Wall of Death

Description: Wall of Death is an IT service development company that offers web services, web development, Web3, blockchain, and NFT solutions, driving digital innovation.


Website: Starcross

Description: Starcross is an online matching platform that seamlessly connects the hacker community via secure chat rooms, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.


Website: Shinseido

Description: Shinseido specializes in planning, developing, and selling IT-related services, system development, and providing consulting services to optimize business operations.

Mind Architect

Website: Mind Architect

Description: Mind Architect Inc. designs and builds a system that combines our imagination and the state of the art AI technology.


Tokyo’s IT management companies showcase innovation and expertise in the dynamic tech landscape. From blockchain solutions to comprehensive consulting services, these startups drive digital transformation. With a focus on innovation, growth, and societal impact, they shape the future of business. Tokyo remains a hub of technological excellence, offering a wealth of opportunities for businesses seeking IT solutions.

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