Unleashing the Power of Data: 15 Innovative Big Data Companies in Beijing

Discovering Cutting-Edge Solutions in China’s Big Data Landscape


The bustling city of Beijing is not only China’s capital but also a hotbed of technological innovation. Among the numerous startups flourishing in this tech hub, several are harnessing the immense potential of big data. From advanced data security to artificial intelligence solutions, these companies are revolutionizing the way data is handled and leveraged. In this article, we explore fascinating Big Data companies in Beijing that are shaping the future of data-driven insights.


Website: Yunjizhi

Yunjizhi is an innovative technology company specializing in next-generation data security solutions in China. Their cutting-edge approach ensures robust protection while enabling seamless data access and utilization.

Yunduan Zhidu

Website: Yunduan Zhidu

Yunduan Zhidu is a domestic provider focusing on CDN traffic integration and intelligent scheduling services. Their expertise lies in optimizing data delivery for optimal user experiences.


loudata offers a range of big data and artificial intelligence solutions, catering to various industries and unlocking data-driven potentials.


Website: ARPA

ARPA provides a secure computation network that enables data sharing without compromising raw data privacy, fostering trust in data collaborations.

Maize Yufeng

Website: None available

Maize Yufeng specializes in data-based molecular design breeding systems to enhance corn breeding, revolutionizing agricultural practices.



SANBODY TECHNOLOGY is a global 3D human big data artificial intelligence service company, bringing innovative solutions to various industries.



X CLOUD TECHNOLOGIES is an expert in internet, education, and big data services, catering to diverse business needs.

Bailu Data

Website: Bailu Data

Bailu Data offers a comprehensive corporate government service platform, streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency.

Magic Data Tech

Website: Magic Data Tech

Magic Data Tech is a leading domestic artificial intelligence big data resource service company, delivering data-driven insights.

BigOne Lab

BigOne Lab utilizes alternative data-driven business intelligence to unveil deeper insights into the world, empowering decision-making.

Truepoint Technology

Website: Truepoint Technology

Truepoint Technology is a platform-based positioning data service company, enabling precise geolocation solutions.


Website: HIYAN

HIYAN specializes in automatic appearance detection and intelligent control of robots, revolutionizing robotics and automation.


Website: SIIT

SIIT is a big data business decision service operator, providing valuable insights for effective decision-making.

Yunli Smart Technology

Website: Yunli Smart Technology

Yunli Smart Technology develops digital infrastructure platforms for smart cities, transforming urban living through data-driven solutions.


Website: Shuanxing

Shuanxing is a pioneer in zero-trust data operation security platforms, ensuring data safety in a connected world.


Beijing’s Big Data startup ecosystem is undoubtedly vibrant and promising. These companies showcase the diverse applications of big data, from security and artificial intelligence to smart city solutions and beyond. As they continue to push the boundaries of innovation, these startups are poised to make a significant impact on the global big data landscape. Keep an eye on these trailblazing ventures as they lead the charge into the data-driven future.

Written by Mobb

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