Tokyo’s Tech Titans: Pioneering the Future of ICT

November 30, 2023

ABC Animation: Animating the Digital World

Website: ABC Animation
About: A trailblazer in animation production and content, ABC Animation exemplifies the fusion of creativity and ICT.

Knocknote: Revolutionizing Education Through Code

Website: Knocknote
About: Knocknote offers personalized online programming classes, showcasing the potential of ICT in education.

Codmon: Empowering Educators with ICT Tools

Website: Codmon
About: Codmon provides ICT tools for educators in children’s facilities, creating valuable interactions between teachers and students.

UNITRAND: Data Analysis Driving Traffic Solutions

About: UNITRAND specializes in data analysis and ICT technology for efficient traffic management.

Nippon Tect Systems: ICT Innovations in Dementia Care

Website: Nippon Tect Systems
About: This company is at the forefront of applying ICT solutions to the critical field of dementia medical care.

DataOne Technology: Pioneers in IT and ICT Services

Website: DataOne Technology
About: DataOne Technology delivers comprehensive IT and innovative ICT services and solutions.

Zion Japan: Revolutionizing Legacy Systems

Website: Zion Japan
About: Zion focuses on replacing outdated systems with cutting-edge ICT solutions.

Plus One Global: Leading in SIM-Free Telecommunications

About: Plus One Global is making strides in expanding SIM-free terminals and telecommunications, even without a dedicated website.

Octawell: Advancing Healthcare through ICT

Website: Octawell
About: Octawell is developing ICT systems to enhance healthcare services.

Mediaccel: R&D in Medical and Engineering Tech

Website: Mediaccel
About: Mediaccel specializes in the research and development of advanced technologies in the medical and engineering sectors.

Feel: Connecting Medical Communities

Website: Feel
About: Feel’s “Medical Ship” portal facilitates data sharing among patients, families, and medical professionals.

Zipunk: Streamlining Operations with Video Messaging

Website: Zipunk
About: Zipunk’s video message software is transforming organizational processes across industries.

7 Q&A Transparency Challenge: Innovating Communication

Website: 7 Q&A
About: The 7 Q&A app introduces a unique communication platform featuring a patented Q&A feature to enhance transparency.

Be-range: Specializing in Business Development and Maintenance

Website: Be-range
About: Be-range excels in the development, operation, and maintenance of various businesses through SES services.

Chaild: Diversifying ICT and AI Solutions

Website: Chaild
About: CHaiLD Co., Ltd. is diversifying the ICT landscape with its ventures in AI, robotics, e-commerce, and more.

These 15 companies are not just shaping the ICT sector in Tokyo; they are redefining the global technology landscape with their innovative solutions and visionary approaches.

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