Tokyo’s SaaS Pioneers: 15 Innovative Companies Transforming Business Operations

July 22, 2023


In the bustling metropolis of Tokyo, a vibrant and dynamic SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) ecosystem is flourishing. These innovative startups are reshaping the way businesses operate and transforming customer experiences through their cloud-native solutions. From AI-powered expense scrutiny to customer management applications, these 15 SaaS companies are at the forefront of Tokyo’s tech revolution, empowering businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.


Website: Anyflow

Anyflow’s domestic cloud-native iPaaS streamlines and automates business operations, unlocking unprecedented efficiencies for enterprises.

Rehab for JAPAN

Website: Rehab for JAPAN

Rehab for JAPAN’s “Rehaplan” is a rehabilitation support SaaS designed for adult day care centers, enhancing the care experience for seniors.


Website: Shabelab

Shabelab’s unique SaaS allows users to create knowledge videos by selecting text, revolutionizing the way information is disseminated.


Website: LBV

LBV’s NiceCloud SaaS platform effectively manages multiple SaaS accounts and billing information, streamlining subscription management.


Website: Lizuna

Lizuna’s cutting-edge SaaS provides an eCommerce fraud detection system, safeguarding businesses from online threats.


Website: negocia

negocia specializes in developing advertising operation SaaS, empowering businesses to optimize their marketing strategies.


Website: Skillnote

Skillnote’s skills and training management SaaS, coupled with consulting services, fosters continuous professional growth for individuals.


Website: BEDORE

BEDORE’s SaaS dialogue engine harnesses deep learning and natural language processing (NLP), revolutionizing human-computer interactions.


Website: Miletos

Miletos’ AI-powered expense scrutiny SaaS optimizes financial processes, ensuring accurate and efficient expense management.


Website: Remoteoffer

Remoteoffer’s SaaS platform is dedicated to matching remote work and telework personnel, fostering a flexible and dynamic workforce.


Website: SAVAWAY

SAVAWAY’s TEMPOCLOUD is a cloud-based EC mall construction platform, empowering businesses to thrive in the digital commerce landscape.

Agile HR

Website: Agile HR

Agile HR’s HRTech and cloud services enable organizations to optimize labor management and drive workforce productivity.

EFG technologies

Website: EFG technologies

EFG technologies’ innovative SaaS solutions facilitate seamless and efficient work practices, empowering businesses to innovate.


Website: Socica

Socica’s customer management application service revolutionizes sales promotion and customer attraction strategies for businesses.


Website: Villio

Villio’s talent experience SaaS transforms human resource development and engineer recruitment, driving growth for companies.


Tokyo’s SaaS startup scene is brimming with innovation and cutting-edge solutions, reshaping business operations and customer experiences. From enhancing business efficiency through cloud-native iPaaS to revolutionizing marketing strategies with AI-powered platforms, these 15 companies exemplify Tokyo’s position as a global tech powerhouse. As they continue to push the boundaries of digital transformation, these startups are setting new standards for SaaS excellence, enabling businesses to thrive in the digital age.

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