Tokyo’s AR Wonderland: 15 Innovative Companies Redefining Augmented Reality

July 22, 2023


Tokyo, Japan’s vibrant capital, has long been known for its technological prowess and innovative spirit. In recent years, the city has emerged as a hotbed for Augmented Reality (AR) startups that are pushing the boundaries of immersive experiences and spatial computing. This article introduces 15 fascinating AR companies in Tokyo, each making remarkable strides in transforming how we interact with the digital world.


Website: Mawari

Mawari is a decentralized XR content delivery platform that breaks infrastructure bottlenecks for real-time rendering. With their innovative technology, they enable seamless and immersive AR experiences.


Website: PlaceHolder

PlaceHolder specializes in the development and management of digital theme parks known as “Little Planet.” Their AR-powered attractions offer visitors a unique and enchanting experience.


Website: Synamon

Synamon is a VR company aiming to build the best solutions for realizing ideal spaces using VR technology. Their immersive AR experiences redefine how people interact with virtual environments.


Website: Graffity

Graffity provides AR experiences globally, enriching lives with convenience. Their innovative use of AR technology enhances various aspects of everyday life.


Website: VAQSO

VAQSO creates scented devices for VR, adding a new sensory dimension to virtual experiences. Users can smell scents that correspond to the content they are viewing.

15th Rock Ventures

Website: 15th Rock Ventures

15th Rock Ventures focuses on seed and pre-IPO investments, fueling the growth of promising AR startups and technology companies.


Website: KALKUL

KALKUL is building a Mixed Reality World AURA, enabling artists and brands to connect with their audiences through new Spatial Media Storytelling.

augmntLABS inc.

Website: augmntLABS inc.

augmntLABS inc. specializes in XR Smart City solutions, leveraging AR technology to create smarter and more connected urban environments.

Meson Tokyo

Website: Meson Tokyo

Meson Tokyo provides a range of AR-related services, including game development, entertainment, and application development, using advanced game basic technology.

Orange moon

Website: Orange moon

Orange moon is an IT-Tech firm that develops augmented reality-based solutions and services, catering to diverse industries and sectors.

OneTech Asia

Website: OneTech Asia

OneTech Asia addresses Japan’s IT human resource shortage by providing solutions to businesses and startups seeking skilled tech professionals.


Website: JOB CROWN

JOB CROWN is a software-based company that harnesses AR technology to develop innovative solutions for various industries.


Website: UnlimitedHand

UnlimitedHand is the world’s first Haptic Game Controller, offering a groundbreaking sensory experience in VR and AR gaming.

JIYU Laboratories

Website: JIYU Laboratories

JIYU Laboratories provides technology services using artificial intelligence, contributing to the advancement of AR applications.


Description: IcARus focuses on the development of an aerial battle game that mixes VR and AR, offering gamers a unique and thrilling experience. (Note: Website not available)


Tokyo’s Augmented Reality scene is a dynamic playground for innovation, where startups are redefining how we interact with digital content and the world around us. These pioneering companies exemplify the city’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and creating a new era of immersive experiences. As AR continues to evolve, Tokyo remains at the forefront of this exciting revolution, poised to shape the future of spatial computing worldwide.

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