Taste of Innovation: Exploring Beijing’s Dynamic Food and Beverage Startups

July 5, 2023


Beijing’s food and beverage scene is buzzing with innovation and creativity. In this article, we shine a spotlight on 15 fascinating startups that are redefining the way we eat and drink. From pet food providers to plant-based milk producers, these companies are pushing boundaries and delighting taste buds. Let’s dive into the vibrant world of Beijing’s food and beverage startups!


Bringing fresh and nutritious pet food to furry friends.

Visit their website: Youyu


Revolutionizing the catering industry through blockchain technology.

Explore their solutions at Eatmain


Crafting delicious and nutritious snacks for children aged three to twelve years old.

Learn more at Domaomao

Yixian Wang:

A one-stop e-commerce platform for food products and dairy products.

Shop online at Yixian Wang


Creating delectable zero-sucrose baked goods like scones, jujube cakes, and puddings.

Visit their website: No website available


Offering fresh and delightful dairy desserts.

Explore their offerings at Bluebear


Streamlining the fruit and vegetable supply chain through innovative services.

Learn more about their services at Supplink


Pioneering compound juice soft drinks through extensive research and development.

Dingding Xianshi:

Revolutionizing fresh food supply and distribution through a dedicated platform.

Visit their website: Dingding Xianshi

Tea Natural:

Empowering tea lovers with a female-led tea brand.

Discover their teas at Tea Natural

Never Coffee:

Elevating the coffee experience with boutique offerings.

Explore their products at Never Coffee

Meiweishenghuo (Delicious Life):

Innovating vending machine operations and manufacturing.

Visit their website: Meiweishenghuo

Huang Xiaozhu:

Supplying packaged fresh food products with a focus on quality.


Nurturing health-conscious consumers with plant-based almond milk.


Showcasing Guizhou rice noodles and agricultural specialties in a chain of snack stores.

Explore their products at Guifenghuang


These visionary startups are transforming the food and beverage landscape in Beijing with their innovative products and services. Whether it’s catering to pets, revolutionizing supply chains, or introducing novel culinary delights, each company is making its mark. Keep an eye on these trailblazers as they redefine the way we indulge in food and beverage experiences.

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