Synapsica: Challenging and Improving Radiology Workflows and Reporting with Artificial Intelligence

October 21, 2021

With the onslaught of technology and AI, most businesses and processes have seen a massive revolution in how people and systems perceive and benefit from AI driven technology. AI has disrupted and augmented our work, lifestyle, interactions and our way of life.

Healthcare and radiology have seen a massive escalation in reporting demands and expectations with the technological revolution. However, with increased patient inflows and the increasing number of MRIs and chest X Rays every year, Diagnostic labs continue to struggle with shortage of proficient radiologists per center, imaging complexities, longer reporting cycles, clinician trust, etc. They struggle with reporting on complicated slower systems and creating detailed reports for patients with limited access to patient information and juggling between multiple screens.

To help Radiologists report faster and better with increased accuracy and efficiency, three young and aspiring individuals Meenakshi Singh (CEO & IIM A alumnus), Dr. Cherian (COO & AIIMS alumnus), and Kuldeep Singh Chauhan (CTO & IIT Kgp alumnus) with the passion to avail technology and the vision to improve healthcare created Synapsica- an AI-first PACS and radiology workflow solution that is fast, secure, and automates reporting tasks to assist radiologists in creating high quality reports quicker. With this, Synapsica aims to use AI to deliver efficiency in clinical analysis and reporting and make high-quality diagnostics available to everyone, even in tier 2/3 cities.

Meenakshi Singh, CEO of Synapsica

With three intelligent algorithms / AI reporting assistants working in sync with our PACS/ RIS solution RADIOLens we have seen major improvements in turn around time and accuracy rates for reporting and increased trust among all parties involved.

  • Synapsica Spindle: An AI reporting assistant for MRI Spine that generates preliminary reports with necessary spinal measurements and characterisation of degenerative diseases.
  • Synapsica Spindlex: This AI reporting assistant for spinal X-Rays generates fully automated reports that quantify all abnormalities and features of injuries or early degeneration.
  • Synapsica Crescent: TheAI assistant for Chest X Rays identifies presence of artefacts or poor image capture for assuring quality; and highlights scans that have pathologies.

Synapsica’s Spindle and SpindleX are the only commercially available AI-based solutions for automation of detection and reporting of findings in MRI Spine and stress x-rays of spine respectively.

With lower back and neck pain among the leading causes of Years Lived with Disability (YLD), XR and MR scans of the spine are the go-to modality for deciding a treatment plan in a majority of cases. Reports generated by our products, qualitatively and quantitatively illustrate the extent of injury/degeneration making treatment protocols more objective while also making it easier to monitor treatment response and disease progression.

Our team wants to help make efficient and fast treatment plans and healthcare options available to everyone across the globe over the coming few years.

We are working with  Radiologists, hospitals and diagnostic imaging centers across the globe to deliver this new age AI driven Radiology solution and changing the way Radiology departments function. Visit our website at and explore new possibilities in the world of Radiology reporting!

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