Revolutionizing Robotics: Shanghai’s Top 15 Pioneering Companies

December 5, 2023


Shanghai, a bustling metropolis and a beacon of technological advancements, is home to some of the most innovative robotics companies in the world. This article explores 15 such companies, each contributing uniquely to the robotics industry.

1. Keyin Tech

Industry Focus: Physical Robotics and Cloud Technology
Overview: Keyin Tech stands out with its robust physical robotics and sophisticated cloud technology platforms, marking a significant presence in Shanghai’s robotics scene.

2. Proton Robotics

Industry Focus: Logistics Robotics Equipment
Overview: Specializing in the logistics industry, Proton Robotics is redefining supply chain management with its advanced robotic equipment.

3. PT Info

Industry Focus: AI Robotics
Overview: At the forefront of AI-driven robotics, PT Info is carving a niche with its innovative artificial intelligence robots.

4. CodingMarch

Industry Focus: Robotics Education
Overview: CodingMarch is revolutionizing tech education for young children, emphasizing programming and robotics in early learning.

5. iRayrobot

Industry Focus: Domestic Service Robotics
Overview: iRayrobot is making strides in domestic service, bringing innovative robot solutions to households.

6. Oceanbotech

Industry Focus: Industrial Robotics
Overview: Oceanbotech excels in R&D and manufacturing of industrial robots, contributing significantly to manufacturing automation.

7. XuanBian Technology

Industry Focus: AI and Biomedical Technology
Overview: Blending AI with biomedical technology, XuanBian Technology is at the cutting edge of medical robotics.

8. Moma Intelligence

Industry Focus: Intelligent Industrial Solutions
Overview: Moma Intelligence offers smart, robot-assisted solutions to enhance manufacturing efficiency.

9. SuperImage Technologies Inc.

Industry Focus: Emissive Projection Display
Overview: SuperImage Technologies Inc. stands out with its unique focus on emissive projection display technology in the robotics sector.

10. Asage Robots

Industry Focus: AI Robotics
Overview: Asage Robots is pioneering in AI and robotics, developing advanced systems for various applications.

11. Chinrobo

Industry Focus: Collaborative Lightweight Robots
Overview: Chinrobo’s focus on lightweight collaborative robots is transforming the way industries interact with robotic technology.

12. Move Robotics

Industry Focus: Service Robotics
Overview: Without a website but not without innovation, Move Robotics aims to redefine service robotics with intelligent and intuitive solutions.

13. Rongzhi Information

Industry Focus: Robotic Process Automation
Overview: Specializing in robotic process automation, Rongzhi Information integrates AI technology to streamline enterprise operations.

14. KouTech

Industry Focus: Surgical Robotics
Overview: KouTech is making significant advances in the medical field with its surgical robots, designed for precision and versatility.

15. Xiaochi Robot

Industry Focus: Customer Service Robotics
Overview: Xiaochi Robot specializes in developing customer service robots, enhancing customer interactions across various sectors.


These 15 companies represent the dynamic and diverse nature of Shanghai’s robotics industry. From educational robots to sophisticated AI solutions, each company contributes uniquely to the technological landscape, promising a future where robotics and human ingenuity coalesce seamlessly.

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