Revolutionizing HR in the Lion City: A Spotlight on Singapore’s Central Region’s Trailblazing HR Tech Companies

November 30, 2023


The bustling Central Region of Singapore is not just the city-state’s heart but also a thriving hub for innovative Human Resources (HR) technology companies. This article showcases fifteen remarkable startups that are redefining the HR landscape with cutting-edge solutions. From AI-driven talent management to sophisticated payroll software, these companies are at the forefront of the HR tech revolution.


peopleHum is more than just an HR platform; it’s an integrated, award-winning Human Capital Management system that leverages AI and automation to streamline HR processes. Located in Singapore’s Central Region, peopleHum is setting new benchmarks in HR tech.


Payboy stands out with its intuitive Singapore Payroll Software, simplifying payroll management with its user-friendly interface and reliable features. Payboy is a key player in the HR tech industry, ensuring seamless payroll processing.


With its focus on predictive hiring and human capital development, Collab integrates AI and psychology to offer groundbreaking solutions in talent acquisition and management. Collab is reshaping the way companies view HR tech.


Coverio specializes in providing enterprise-wide payroll and hiring management software, particularly for web4 companies. Their software solutions are designed to streamline complex HR tasks, making them a go-to resource in the HR tech domain.

Loominate – The Good Culture App

Loominate, known as The Good Culture App, is an employee-first platform that encourages open communication and breaks down traditional workplace barriers. It’s revolutionizing workplace culture in the HR tech space.

Jobseeker Company

At Jobseeker Company, the focus is on connecting individuals with the right opportunities. They stand out in the HR tech market for their effective and user-friendly job matching services.

Talent Tribe

Talent Tribe is a unique career-discovery platform that offers insightful resources for career planning and development. It’s a valuable tool for individuals navigating their career paths in the dynamic job market.


LifeVitae offers a unique platform for curating life experiences into a compact profile, assisting individuals in presenting a comprehensive view of their life’s journey to potential employers.


Speeki is an ESG platform that uses advanced technologies to enhance compliance and business performance. Their innovative approach makes them a standout in the HR tech industry.


Anama provides OKR and performance management software that helps companies align and engage their employees effectively. They are transforming how companies approach employee development and goal setting.

Mission Plus

Mission Plus specializes in custom development, payroll, HR, finance, and digital transformation solutions. Their comprehensive services make them a valuable partner for businesses undergoing digital transformation in HR.


ReloTalent is a SaaS platform catering to Destination Service Providers (DSP) and their HR and employee clients. They are innovating in the field of relocation and talent management.


FIRST MAID PTE LTD is not your typical HR tech company. They focus on maid agency services, recruitment, and maid services, providing specialized HR solutions in this niche market.


Chanceupon operates as a Global Talent Network, connecting talent and opportunities across borders. Their global reach makes them a key player in the international HR tech scene.


IoTalents offers a diverse range of services including a job board, HR tech solutions, recruitment, and staffing. They are a comprehensive resource for both employers and job seekers in the HR tech industry.


The Central Region of Singapore is a beacon of innovation in HR technology, with these fifteen companies leading the charge. From AI-driven platforms to specialized HR services, these startups are not only transforming HR processes but also shaping the future of work in Singapore and beyond.

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