Retail Revolution in the Desert: Dubai’s Top Startups

August 1, 2023


In the bustling metropolis of Dubai, a dynamic and diverse retail landscape is emerging, thanks to a wave of innovative startups. From online marketplaces to eco-friendly lifestyle brands, these companies are reshaping the way consumers shop and experience retail. In this article, we dive into the vibrant world of retail startups in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and showcase 15 remarkable companies that are revolutionizing the shopping scene in the city.


Website: Produze

Produze connects agricultural farmers directly to worldwide merchants, ensuring consistent quality and reasonable pricing. stands as the Largest Online Department Store in the UAE, offering a wide range of products.

Website: is a leading online baby store catering to the Middle East.


Website: Idealz

Idealz is an e-commerce platform that offers buyers a chance to win luxury prizes with each product purchase.


BulkWhiz, powered by next-gen AI technology, is the first consumer platform for bulk grocery and home staples.

GC Coupons

Website: GC Coupons

GC Coupons provides free coupon codes, vouchers, deals, and discount codes for major online retailers.

Hybrid Hippie

Website: Hybrid Hippie

Hybrid Hippie is an eco-friendly lifestyle brand empowering sustainability in the UAE.


Website: Queenby

Queenby is a middle-eastern e-commerce website offering beauty, personal care, hair wigs, and perfumes.

Yalla Basket

Yallabasket is an Online Grocery Store and Grocery Delivery App serving the UAE.

Adorescent Perfumes L.L.C

Website: Adorescent Perfumes L.L.C

AdoreScent aims to replicate the rich, exotic, and timeless qualities of renowned hotels through its perfume line.


Website: ZMatjar

ZMatjar is an e-commerce platform helping businesses create their online stores with ease.

onwan al otoor trading

Website: onwan al otoor trading

Onwan al otoor trading offers a selection of perfumes and cosmetics.

Website: is an online tyre shop providing tyres and automotive parts along with after-sale services.

Website: is UAE’s no.1 Personalised Greeting Card & Gift eCommerce store using Advanced Personalisation Technology.

DeliWer Shopping

Website: DeliWer Shopping

DeliWer Shopping is dedicated to promoting sustainable and healthy shopping experiences.


Dubai’s retail landscape is being revolutionized by a group of enterprising startups, each contributing to the city’s dynamic shopping scene. From providing personalized gifts to offering bulk grocery solutions, these companies are catering to the diverse needs of consumers in the UAE. As Dubai continues to embrace innovation, these retail startups will undoubtedly shape the future of shopping, creating unique and memorable experiences for residents and visitors alike. With such a vibrant and diverse retail ecosystem, Dubai stands at the forefront of retail innovation in the Middle East.

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