Pioneering Health Diagnostics: Tokyo’s Top 15 Innovators in Medical Technology

November 30, 2023

FamiOne: Embracing the Future of Family Health
Website: FamiOne
FamiOne is at the forefront of supporting couples’ journey towards parenthood, ensuring a healthy future for families.

Meditakt: Redefining Patient Care Through Innovation
Website: Meditakt
With a mission to enhance medical treatments, Meditakt is making significant strides in developing advanced medical technologies.

FUJIFILM Toyama: A Total Solution for Diagnosis and Treatment
Website: FUJIFILM Toyama
FUJIFILM stands out by providing comprehensive solutions that span the entire spectrum of healthcare, from diagnosis to treatment.

Liquid Mine: Advancing Leukemia Diagnosis with MyRD
Website: Liquid Mine
Liquid Mine’s MyRD gene analysis system marks a significant advancement in diagnosing and understanding leukemia.

Cosomil: Pioneering Early-Stage Disease Diagnosis
Website: Cosomil
Cosomil is revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry with its research and development in early-stage disease diagnostics, particularly cancer.

THE PHAGE: Integrating Data for Better Health Outcomes
Website: THE PHAGE
This medical device company leverages data and psychological indicators to improve treatments, including a gestational diabetes treatment app.

Medilead: Market Research Excellence in Healthcare
Website: Medilead
Medilead provides vital market research services, shaping the future of healthcare industry insights.

Syounika Online: Revolutionizing Pediatric Care Digitally
Website: Syounika Online
Offering pediatric medical care via the internet, Syounika Online is transforming how children access health services.

Almed: Specializing in Elderly Dementia Care
Website: Almed
Almed focuses on research, diagnosis, and treatment of dementia, enhancing the quality of life for the elderly.

kimamani Japan: Comprehensive Medical Services
Website: kimamani Japan
kimamani is a medical services company offering a wide range of health solutions.

WellThera: Innovative Cancer Treatment Technologies
Website: WellThera
Specializing in blood flow image analysis and targeted drug delivery, WellThera is making waves in cancer treatment.

Prevent Science: Leading the Fight Against Coronavirus
Website: Prevent Science
Engaged in R&D for coronavirus PCR testing and lifestyle-related diseases, Prevent Science is at the forefront of pandemic response.

Cranebio: Wearable Health Tech and Rapid Testing
Website: Cranebio
Cranebio is innovating with wearable healthcare kits, device-free genetic tests, and rapid environmental testing.

Plusman: Engineering the Future of Healthcare
Website: Plusman
Plusman excels in healthcare engineering, providing diagnosis solutions, drug research, and technical support services.

Institute Oral Cancer Eradication Commission: Championing Oral Cancer Diagnostics
Website: Institute Oral Cancer Eradication Commission
Dedicated to oral cancer eradication, this institute develops and provides advanced screening and diagnostic equipment.

This roundup of Tokyo’s top 15 health diagnostics companies showcases the diverse and innovative landscape of medical technology in Japan’s capital. Each company contributes uniquely to advancing healthcare, making Tokyo a hub of medical innovation.

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