New Delhi’s FinTech Frontiers: The 15 Game-Changers Redefining Finance in the Capital

October 4, 2023

1. Paytm Payments Bank

  • Website: Paytm Payments Bank
  • Speciality: A mobile-centric bank that breaks barriers with zero balance and zero digital transaction fees.

2. Swadesh

  • Website: Swadesh
  • Speciality: An innovative platform for expatriates to invest, manage, and remit money seamlessly to India.

3. Wealthbucket

  • Website: Wealthbucket
  • Speciality: Digitalizing investments through a comprehensive online platform for budding and experienced investors alike.

4. IndiaClan

  • Website: IndiaClan
  • Speciality: Propagating financial literacy and crafting a robust investment arena for a whopping 100 million retail investors.

5. PayWush

  • Website: PayWush
  • Speciality: Simplifying online transactions with an intuitive platform, trusted by a thousand businesses.

6. Tchyon Labs

  • Website: Tchyon Labs
  • Speciality: An avant-garde marketplace that deals in alternative asset investments.

7. SabPaisa

  • Website: SabPaisa
  • Speciality: Pioneering in API-driven unified payment experiences, supporting an array of payment collection methods.

8. Indepay

  • Website: Indepay
  • Speciality: A revolutionary payment network architected to seamlessly incorporate new-age fintech breakthroughs.

9. Pocketful

  • Website: Pocketful
  • Speciality: The go-to discount broker, offering a reliable, swift, and straightforward investing journey.

10. plutos ONE

  • Website: plutos ONE
  • Speciality: Delivering instant cash vouchers directly to your mobile from renowned brands.

11. BharatPay

  • Website: BharatPay
  • Speciality: An integrated fintech platform catering to diverse financial needs, from banking to point-of-sale solutions.

12. Credochain Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

  • Website: Credochain
  • Speciality: The nexus of innovation in the lending domain, offering tailored lending products.

13. Infino

  • Website: Infino
  • Speciality: A smart, AI-powered card, evolving with your spending patterns and financial requirements.

14. DiFin

  • Website: DiFin
  • Speciality: A pathbreaking social finance firm that brings a novel twist to the lending sector.

15. Marman Climate-Smart Finance Inc.

  • Website: Marman Climate-Smart Finance
  • Speciality: Championing the transition to Net-Zero with their climate-smart finance & supply chain marketplace.

In Conclusion: New Delhi’s fintech scene is bustling with innovation, agility, and solutions that are not just tech-savvy but are also meeting the ever-evolving needs of today’s consumers. As these 15 trailblazers demonstrate, the future of finance in India’s capital looks promisingly digital.

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