Istanbul’s Digital Pioneers: Top 15 Internet Startups Revolutionizing the City’s Tech Landscape

October 4, 2023

1. BluTV

W: BluTV
BluTV leads the wave of digital entertainment by catering to Turkish and Arabic-speaking audiences. Their video-on-demand platform brings the best of both regional and international content to subscribers.

2. EvdekiBakıcım

W: EvdekiBakıcım
Trust and reliability in care are paramount, and EvdekiBakıcım promises just that. They ensure your loved ones are always in safe and caring hands.


Modernizing procurement processes, JETRACT’s software solutions streamline and enhance what used to be tedious and manual workflows.


Bringing news closer to the people, MOJO is a platform where user-generated content reigns supreme, making news more diverse and personal.

5. Superlancer

W: Superlancer
Serving both freelancers and corporations, Superlancer creates a bridge to connect talented individuals with companies seeking specialized skills.

6. Techsign

W: Techsign
In the age of digital business, Techsign offers a comprehensive eKYC solution, ensuring that transactions remain both seamless and secure.

7. Kiralarsın

W: Kiralarsın
Stepping into the age of the shared economy, Kiralarsın provides a platform where electronic devices can be easily rented, promoting sustainable usage.

8. image4io

W: image4io
For businesses seeking optimal image management, image4io delivers a full-stack solution, ensuring that visual content remains sharp and load times stay minimal.

9. Others

W: Others
Harnessing the energy and creativity of college students, Others offers a platform where users can crowdsource various tasks and challenges.

10. subscreasy

W: subscreasy
With a focus on cloud-based SaaS products, subscreasy specializes in subscription management and billing software, streamlining business processes for multiple industries.

11. Halısahavar

W: Halısahavar
Addressing challenges in amateur football, Halısahavar digitalizes the organization process, ensuring smoother scheduling and improved communication.

12. Doktorderki

W: Doktorderki
Health is a priority, and Doktorderki amplifies it by connecting users directly with specialists, fostering a more informed health consciousness.

13. Pinpin

W: Pinpin
Catering to the vast community of gamers, Pinpin provides a hassle-free platform to purchase Epins instantly and securely.

14. Cevaheer

W: Cevaheer
Revolutionizing the jewelry industry, Cevaheer offers an online diamond exchange platform that connects jewelers and dealers globally.

15. Auvitas

W: Auvitas
Pioneering the concept of nanopayments, Auvitas provides users an opportunity to enjoy ad-free web browsing for just a fraction of a cent.

As Istanbul continues to cement its place as a tech hub in the region, these startups demonstrate the city’s diversity, creativity, and resilience. From entertainment and healthcare to fintech and e-commerce, the internet landscape in Istanbul promises exciting developments in the years to come.

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