Green Gold: Agriculture Innovations in HaMerkaz, Israel

July 22, 2023

In the sprawling region of HaMerkaz, Israel, a revolution is taking place. Beneath the golden rays of the Middle Eastern sun, startups are sowing the seeds of agricultural transformation. With a blend of ancient wisdom and state-of-the-art technology, these companies are addressing global challenges, from climate change to food scarcity. Dive in to discover the 15 agriculture pioneers that are leading this change.


Website Bringing Robust Crops for Tomorrow’s Climate
Arming crops with their innovative EDGE and YieldMax™ traits, BetterSeeds is pioneering the way for plants to withstand the ever-evolving challenges of climate change.

Grow Director

Website The Brain Behind Your Greenhouse
By using ML algorithms, Grow Director ensures optimal conditions for your plants by controlling up to 64,000 devices wirelessly.


Website Modernizing Farming with Digital Tools
Get ready to usher in a new era of farming with Viridix’s ground-breaking ag-tech platform.


Website Sky-High Farming with AI-Power
Stog’s AI-driven aeroponic farming platform guarantees resource efficiency at its finest.


Website Livestock’s Best Friend
FarmSee is revolutionizing livestock care with precision monitoring and growth optimization tools.


Website Making Plants Powerhouses
ClimateCrop’s technology enhances plants’ ability to store carbon and energy, amplifying yields in both biomass and fruits.


Website The Green Ammonia Solution
By producing ammonia without carbon emissions, NitroFix contributes to a sustainable agricultural future.


Website Digital Marketing for Agricultural Ascendancy
Sempro provides growth-focused digital strategies to businesses in the agricultural domain.

Automato Robotics

Website Robotic Relief for Greenhouses
Addressing the global agricultural labor crisis, Automato Robotics introduces affordable robots designed for passive greenhouses.


Website Tech-Caring for Dairy Cows
Dedicated to improving dairy farming, Armenta offers state-of-the-art technology and devices for cow treatment.


Website Shielding Beehives from Mite Menaces
With BeeProTech, ToBe2 presents an ingenious device that precisely delivers miticides, protecting bees from varroa mites.


Website AI’s Gift to Agriculture Management
Harness the power of machine learning with YieldsApp’s trailblazing agricultural software.

iShence AgTech

Website Blending Agronomic Wisdom with Tech Innovation
iShence AgTech is the bridge between traditional farming knowledge and modern technological solutions.


Website Empowering Farmers with Expertise
From consultancy to training, Cropaia is the go-to platform for agronomy insights and skills.


Website Turning Water into Wisdom for Farming
Sciroot brings irrigation knowledge to farmers’ fingertips, ensuring every drop counts towards efficient crop growth.

From seed to software, from barn to blockchain, the companies in HaMerkaz are proving that innovation is at its best when grounded in necessity. These startups, armed with passion, technology, and vision, are reshaping the agricultural narrative not just for Israel but for the world. As we step into a future fraught with challenges, it’s reassuring to know that solutions are budding in the heartland of Israel. Indeed, in HaMerkaz, the future of farming is not just sustainable; it’s thriving.

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