Empowering Businesses in Mumbai: Unveiling the Top 15 B2B Startups

August 1, 2023


Mumbai, the bustling financial capital of India, is a breeding ground for innovation and entrepreneurship. Among the thriving startup ecosystem, a dynamic group of B2B companies stands out, transforming the way businesses interact, collaborate, and succeed. In this article, we shine a spotlight on 15 intriguing B2B startups that are making waves in Mumbai, Maharashtra. From revolutionizing the sales process to streamlining financial services, these companies are driving the growth of B2B commerce in the city.


Website: Kodo

Kodo is a fintech startup dedicated to serving corporate card and B2B payment needs for small businesses.


Website: QuickSell

QuickSell empowers businesses to convert conversations into conversions through its innovative sales acceleration platform.


Beldara is a global B2B marketplace connecting wholesale buyers and sellers worldwide.


Website: Chemarc

Chemarc is a B2B digital platform facilitating the buying and selling of chemicals for vendors.


Website: Excess2Sell

Excess2Sell is a leading platform for buyers and sellers to trade excess inventory.


Website: Salon Karts

Salon Karts is an online store catering to grooming products, hair color, beauty essentials, and disposable products.


Website: XSTOK

XSTOK is an online marketplace for overstock apparels, home textiles, fabrics, and yarns.


ChatOnGo is a hyper-local platform connecting vendors with their customers in real-time.

Linkcards Business Solutions LLP

Website: Linkcards

LinkcardsĀ® App offers an instant networking solution for professionals to share digital and paper business cards.


Website: LeadoConnect

LeadoConnect fuels sales pipelines, helping businesses drive growth and revenue.

Transfer Task

Website: Transfer Task

Transfer Task is a top virtual assistant company in the Asia Pacific region, offering comprehensive business support.


Website: Flowace

Flowace is a one-stop-shop for workforce analytics, enhancing operational efficiency by at least 20%.


Website: BeyondIRR

BeyondIRR assists wealth firms, managers, advisors, and financial institutions with innovative wealth-tech solutions.


Website: SanchiConnect

SanchiConnect empowers deep tech companies to acquire funding, talent, and customers.


Website: FinClick

FinClick is a comprehensive financial marketplace offering a wide range of financial services.


Mumbai’s B2B startup scene is thriving with innovation and disruption, providing businesses with transformative solutions to meet their diverse needs. From fintech and sales acceleration to virtual assistance and financial services, these startups are at the forefront of driving growth and success in the bustling metropolis of Mumbai, Maharashtra. As they continue to push the boundaries of business-to-business commerce, keep an eye on these dynamic ventures, as they shape the future of B2B interactions and foster economic progress in the city.

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