E-Commerce Revolution in Bihar: 15 Startups Redefining Online Shopping

Unveiling the Innovative Ventures Transforming Bihar’s Retail Landscape


The e-commerce industry in Bihar, India, is witnessing a remarkable transformation with the rise of innovative startups that cater to the diverse shopping needs of the region. From homegrown pickled products to cutting-edge technology solutions, these startups are reshaping the way people shop and connect with brands. In this article, we explore 15 fascinating e-commerce companies that are making a significant impact in Bihar’s digital retail space. Let’s delve into the world of these exciting ventures.

JhaJi Store

Website: JhaJi Store

JhaJi Store celebrates the rich culinary heritage of Mithilanchal, Bihar, offering authentic homemade pickled products with traditional recipes.


Mall95store, the leading e-commerce company in Bihar, is known for its trustworthiness and an extensive network of 300+ resellers.

Jass Business

Website: Jass Business

Jass Business is a rapid e-commerce technology company, providing efficient solutions for online shopping within 10 minutes.

Jass Brands

Jass Brands partners with various brands, scaling them exponentially to achieve remarkable growth in the e-commerce arena.


Botanycal is a unique online platform offering home-ready plants and plant care tools, catering to the gardening enthusiasts of Bihar.


cemX stands out as India’s first platform featuring offline e-stores, allowing customers to purchase cement from various brands at competitive prices.

Urban Reach

Website: Urban Reach

Urban Reach is an online marketplace that connects customers with a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Trendferry Retail Private Limited

Website: Trendferry

Trendferry offers the latest fashion for both men and women, providing a seamless online shopping experience in Bihar.


Website: SathiClap

SathiClap serves as an online platform for home services, simplifying the process of availing professional services in Bihar.

Smart Kart

Website: Smart Kart

Smart Kart is an online grocery store with free home delivery services, catering to the convenience of Muzaffarpur residents.


Website: Elbestor

Elbestor empowers businesses to establish a strong online presence and offers digital solutions for websites and online ventures.

Calidad E-commerce Solution LLP

Website: Calidad

Calidad specializes in e-commerce marketplace management and promotion, assisting businesses in maximizing their online reach.

Website: Bookship is an online bookstore, providing avid readers in Bihar with access to an extensive collection of books.


Website: eBrodia

eBrodia is a technology and e-commerce company headquartered in Bettiah, Bihar, offering diverse IT services to businesses.

WikiHelp Inc.

Website: WikiHelp

WikiHelp Inc. is India’s leading educational website, catering to the learning needs of students and educators.


The e-commerce landscape in Bihar is undergoing a significant metamorphosis, thanks to these 15 startups that are redefining the way people shop and connect with brands. From embracing traditional recipes to offering cutting-edge technology solutions, these ventures represent the diversity and innovation present in Bihar’s e-commerce ecosystem. As they continue to thrive and expand, these startups are poised to leave an enduring impact on Bihar’s retail industry and contribute to the state’s digital transformation. Keep an eye on these trailblazing e-commerce companies as they shape the future of online shopping in Bihar, India.

Written by Mobb

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