Dubai’s Internet Innovators: A Spotlight on 15 Pioneering Companies in the Digital Realm

November 30, 2023


Online Visa Solutions Made Easy
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Specializing in streamlining visa applications, offers an online platform that simplifies the often-complex visa process.

2. Channels Inc.

Revolutionizing Physical Worker Communication
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Channels Inc. is not your typical SaaS company; it focuses on enhancing communication platforms specifically for the physical workforce.

3. RentSher Middle East

Your Go-To Online Rental Marketplace
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From products to services, RentSher Middle East has established itself as a leading online platform for all kinds of rentals in Dubai.

4. Hovi

Transforming Digital Marketing and Sales
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Hovi is more than just a digital platform; it’s a growth enabler, offering a transformative approach to marketing and sales.

5. Qareeb Technologies FZ-LLC

Bringing E-Commerce Closer to You
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Qareeb Technologies revolutionizes e-commerce by enabling customers to shop from nearby stores and enjoy one-hour doorstep delivery.

6. LZine

Your Intelligent Personal Assistant
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LZine stands out in the realm of AI, offering an intelligent personal assistant that simplifies and enhances daily life.

7. One Click Delivery Services

Innovating Last-Mile Logistics
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One Click Delivery Services is redefining last-mile logistics with its tech-driven approach, ensuring timely and efficient deliveries.


UAE’s Fast-Growing Online Ecosystem
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From real estate to jobs and events, encompasses a vast online ecosystem, making it a go-to platform in the UAE.


Asset Management Redefined
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DEFIYIELD is not just an app; it’s a groundbreaking asset management protocol shaping the future of digital investments.

10. Justmop

Connecting You to Home Services
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Justmop has emerged as a leader in the Middle East’s home services market, from cleaning to wellness and maintenance.

11. Eddy

Guiding Students Towards the Right Career
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Eddy is more than an app; it’s a career guide for high school students, offering personalized advice to align their future aspirations.

12. Soluki

Expanding the Arabic Web
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Soluki is on a mission to enrich the Arabic web, driving growth and accessibility in the digital Arabic content landscape.

13. App4Legal

Revolutionizing Legal Practice Management
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App4Legal is at the forefront of LegalTech, offering comprehensive solutions in legal practice and case management.


Where Employers and Freelancers Connect
Visit Website stands out as an innovative online marketplace, bridging the gap between employers and freelance experts effortlessly.

15. NextMart

Shop Locally Online in the UAE
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NextMart is transforming the way people shop in the UAE, offering an online platform to purchase from local supermarkets.

Dubai’s internet industry is not just thriving; it’s pioneering new digital landscapes. Each of these 15 companies exemplifies innovation, demonstrating how the city continues to be a hub for digital excellence.

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