Driving Innovation: Hyderabad’s Automotive Pioneers

Charting the journey of 15 trailblazing automotive companies in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, and their drive towards reshaping the future of mobility.


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  • About: Steering the future of mobility with green technologies, RACEnergy is in full throttle towards a sustainable vehicular future.


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  • About: As an electric vehicle pioneer, Etrio is electrifying the roads with its sustainable transportation solutions.

Persist Energy

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  • About: Tailoring drivetrains and vehicle designs for developing nations, Persist Energy is pushing boundaries in efficient vehicle engineering.


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  • About: Simplifying auto services, Carwiz is the go-to aggregator for all your automotive service needs.

Autozilla Solutions

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  • About: Specializing in electronics, Autozilla Solutions crafts intricate parts catalogues vital for the spares industry.

ETO Motors

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  • About: Advocating for greener cities, ETO offers robust electric mobility solutions, becoming India’s top Electric Mobility as a Service company.


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  • About: A guardian on wheels, Eyedentify promises top-notch in-vehicle security using IoT, ensuring safety for all onboard.


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  • About: Streamlining auto repair businesses, RAMP offers a cloud-based software system tailored for automotive repair shops.

Newton Vehicles

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  • About: Harnessing the power of intelligence and eco-friendliness, Newton Vehicles is on a mission to design the electric vehicles of tomorrow.


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  • About: A haven for innovation in IoT and Telematics, Cyrrup is solving complex problems at unbeatable prices.


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  • About: Reinventing intercity logistics, EasyGaadi is driving change on the highways of India.


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  • About: Powering vehicles with genuine batteries, BatteryDukaan ensures reliability and authenticity with every product.


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  • About: Revolutionizing vehicle upkeep, Carjoz offers door-to-door car maintenance and repair, making car care a breeze.

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  • About: Keeping track of your shipments via DTDC, ensures transparency in delivery status.

Metre Per Second

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  • About: With a meticulous approach to car repair and services, Metre Per Second ensures your vehicle always runs smoothly.

The automotive landscape in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, is witnessing a paradigm shift. With startups like these spearheading change, the future of mobility in India looks promising, sustainable, and efficient.

Written by Mobb

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