Digital Deluge: Singapore’s Stellar Innovators in the Digital Media Space

A deep dive into Singapore’s Central Region’s most promising digital media startups shaping the future of content, technology, and engagement.


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  • About: Harnessing the power of Web3, Read2N introduces an innovative reading application and a robust content copyright platform for the modern age.


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  • About: Bridging quality content with readers worldwide, Fewcents facilitates micropayments across 50+ currencies, revolutionizing content monetization.


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  • About: Streamlining operations through AI, IN-D aids organizations in tasks like KYC, customer onboarding, and insurance claim processing.


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  • About: Specializing in interactive digital media, PROENX crafts software solutions that redefine user engagement.


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  • About: Creating a vibrant ecosystem, connects indie creators and micro influencers with potential brand collaborators.


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  • About: Spearheading the digital realm, Temus provides transformational digital services that redefine business operations.


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  • About: TechStorm emerges as Asia’s leading 24/7 network, encapsulating Esports, gaming, and tech-centric entertainment.


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  • About: Stay updated with the digital pulse as Followchain delivers the latest insights on social media trends, guides, and how-tos.


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  • About: Reinventing financial access, MoneyDuck matches users with financial experts, ensuring informed and reliable financial advice.

Mountain Sea World

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  • About: Taking gaming to the next level, Mountain Sea World pioneers in developing strategic NFT predatory games.

Luxe Digital

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  • About: Chronicling luxury’s digital journey, Luxe Digital offers insightful content on luxury’s digital transformation for marketing aficionados.


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  • About: With a keen focus on emerging markets, KrASIA reports on the world’s most promising tech-driven ventures and digital trends.

Brew Interactive

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  • About: Crafting digital narratives, Brew Interactive stands as a premier digital media and marketing agency in Singapore.


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  • About: Driving brands towards growth, SocialFin offers tailor-made marketing solutions for ambitious ventures.


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  • About: For endurance enthusiasts, JustRunLah! is the ultimate marketplace and media platform for marathons and intense sporting events.

Singapore’s Central Region is not just a hub of commerce but also a cradle for innovation. These 15 startups symbolize the city’s commitment to fostering creativity, technological advancement, and entrepreneurship in the digital media landscape.

Written by Mobb

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