Samudragupta Talukdar: Prop-tech Company Accelerating Remote Sales of Realty

Samudragupta Talukdar: Cognilements Private Limited

We are a prop-tech company accelerating remote sales of realty. Our vision is to empower property developers, owners & brokers to sell their property faster remotely using advanced technology.

Tell us about yourself?

I consider myself as a visionary sales guy with an intimate understanding of sales across industries, across the international markets, and an impressive grasp of technology and its use.

Cognilements was born out of this passion to augment and improve sales and business functions of enterprises & small businesses with technology.

Equipped with an eventful techno-sales career in Fortune 500 companies, my experience and energy has been vital in building Cognilements.

I lead market strategies, sales, and mentor the client servicing and operations functions with a keen focus on driving results through a combination of processes & business tools.

If you could go back in time a year or two, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

If I had to go a couple of years back and the piece of advice I would like to give it to myself would be. “You are building an amazing product and a platform, don’t be shy of pitching your product and don’t think much if it will work or not.

You need to go aggressive in the market with full force such that people and you can understand the potential of”

What problem does your business solve?

The conventional way of buying a property involves web searches, scrolling through videos and pictures online which do not provide a precise idea of the property.

The only way to know more about a property is by connecting to the sales executive for all the collaterals, performing site visits, negotiations and lastly the agreement.

This entire process is equally tiring for the sales executive, having to chase the leads for months for them to turn into prospects.

This time gap, for each lead to convert into a prospect is about 90 odd days. We at Relata have been able to simplify this process for both, the lead/ customer and the developer/ sales teams.

What is the inspiration behind your business?

“Technology as a tool is the biggest inspiration in my life. From Nikola Tesla to Steve Jobs, I was fascinated with the ideas of inventions and innovations which can help individuals to have a good life.

Before starting Cognilements, I was into the space of Business Consulting and I personally witnessed the problems entrepreneurs and their teams face to grow faster and the major problem always used towards Sales Projection and accelerating growth.

The problem statement of accelerating growth for high value SKU verticals like Real Estate, Automobile, Hospitality was even deeper. At Cognilements and with we are addressing multiple problem statements for different stakeholders.

1. Real Estate Sales Team: ~ Accelerating sales with an integrated ecosystem ~ Reducing the Time to Revenue cycle ~ A Business Continuity Plan to run in the Phygital Ecosystem ~ Improvisations of Sales forecast based on Behavioral and Business insights of prospective buyers and business channels

2. Buyers ~ Effective visualization for the real estate product they are investing on ~ Highest level of convenience ~ Anytime – anywhere accessibility to visualization points. ~ Focused on Customer’s Experience.

What is your magic sauce?

“The magic sauce here is simple: The problem statements we are addressing are huge enough and we very well understood the gravity of every vital touchpoints. Also our understanding of cutting edge technologies and their benefits were clearer to us.

So our focus was to apply our knowledge and build a platform using these cutting edge technologies to address the pain areas of touch points across buyers’ journey and we divide into three aspects of our platform :Customer Journey, Interactive Visualization, Insights and Analytics.

The 1st focuses on optimizing the Customer’s Journey with emphasis on exploration, engagement, & transaction. 2nd is Interactive tech for visualization and engagement including VR & AI powered audio-video bots. 3rd is Analytics and Real Time insights that offers behavior and business insights of leads to help close sales faster.

What is the plan for the next 5 years? What do you want to achieve?

The current plan for next five years is to lead a team of creative and passionate individuals focusing on democratizing the prop-tech space while we also focus on solving similar problem statements across various verticals.

The focus would be gearing up to a stage which will allow us to scale up across multiple international geographies.

The focus here is to revolutionize the real estate segment with adaptive technologies like Spatial computing, Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence etc. to accelerate growth for businesses or enterprises across the pyramid.

While doing so in next 5 years we wish to acquire a Unicorn status and looking forward to become Numero Uno in the Proptech space!

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

Cognilements happens to be my second start up. After the failure of first start up it was very difficult to explain people that I can start again. It starts with funding the company with your last mile savings and to go and convince people that the hypothesis will work.

When we started, our hypothesis was “”to sell properties virtually””. And after meeting 100+ organizations we could convert 23 teams to believe in our idea and in a space where we didn’t have much knowledge.

The biggest challenge was acceptability from individuals that the hypothesis could work.

How do people get involved/buy into your vision?

“Being rationale is very important. When we researched, we realized the fact that we present ourselves in layman terms to individuals that there exists issues which needs immediate attention and we started building proof of concepts around them.

With every proof of concept, we have seen enormous data which justifies our belief and when we started presenting those case studies with before and after picture, people started believing on us and they started buying our vision.”

Written by Mark Fitz


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